Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interviews: RI CI Rule Your Curl with Ricky Pennisi

Ri Ci Pics
The trend for having super straight hair has been a popular style for years now and with most major brands continuing to focus on that one concept the offering of hair products for many other hair textures are limited.  One texture in particular “curly hair” has become a popular theme for Ricky Pennisi, founder of RI CI products which helps achieve beautiful curls each and every time while keeping the range of products simple and easy to understand. We were able to see Ricky in action at the Emiliani Beauty Expo as he used his key products on curly hair clientele plus he takes us through his 5 step process which features everything you need to maintaining your fabulous curls.

RI CI Styling Kit $79.95
Contains Splash Shampoo,  Drench Conditioner, Thirsty Styling Gel, Memory Setting Spray and Velvet Serum

Special thanks to Leah Drill at The Hip Event for the invite! And much thanks to Ricky Pennisi for introducing me to your brand ; )

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Unknown said...

I want Mr. Pennisi to curl my hair!


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