Tuesday, November 26, 2019

5 Fierce Faux Fur Jackets

I am so ready for the winter season to be here minus the snowstorms! The chill in the air and the fashion styles that come with the season is fun, edgy and diverse.It’s a great time to play on trends and enjoy layering up on fashionable looks. 

One of my favorite trends for the winter season is faux fur. I think it’s a fierce statement because it a look within its self. From colors, to textures and fabrics it’s all about the appeal on the eye. This style can be dressy and casual given women so many opportunities to rock the look at any given time they choose. Below are my top 5 that I would rock because they offer a true fashionable presence that I love. And the price point is very affordable for those that love a statement coat!

Mural $100
Blank NYC $168

Halogen $299
Astr The Label $248

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Fashion Styling: My Looks

As you know I have been trying to add more experience to my resume and really take my business goals to the next step.
Coming from a television broadcasting degree (B.A) having worked many behind the scenes during fashion week, establishing myself as a blogger/influencer and boutique owner. It’s always great to expanded yourself and your goals.

I have taking on a fashion styling certificate program at FIT to give me more tools of trade in my business and also in the industry. It has been a wonderful experience, working with other driven people and networking with those that thrive off of their passions.

Below are two of my latest styling shoots. First one’s theme is dark evil/glam wedding using reds and blacks.
Second one’s theme was Hollywood Romance. 

Both editorial shoots were shot by photographer Emmanuel Faure check him out! The models that worked their magic were @blackisthenublack and @x.blackbird so professional and on point. The designer for Hollywood Romance looks were by Hannah Rose Meyers Hair and Makeup by Gil.
Together our styling team created something that was amazing and fun to be apart of.

Video Feature

Video Feature

Monday, November 18, 2019

My Skincare Routine: Leaders Recovery Masks

The power of skincare is so important when you start your beauty routine. For me having healthy skin isn’t just about following the latest trend but using brands that work well for your skin.

I am a big fan of facial masks and I love trying brands that really offer that spa treatment. Leaders Cosmetics isn’t one that’s new to me but their recovery masks is something that I wasn’t too familiar with. The bestselling masks comes in 4 treatments of areas that will give your skin a personal boosts. Those are Brightening, Balancing, Moisturizing and Lifting. My personal favorite is the brightening because I feel that it’s gives off a nice glow. But all of them add that hydration and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and well maintained.
The masks cost $7 and you get enough product that will cover your neck, shoulders and even hands.
If you are looking for a nice way to end the work day or began a stressful week indulge in the recovery masks you won’t be disappointed!

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Sunday, November 17, 2019

MyIVF Journey (Day 20) Embryo Results

Day 20
Okay, today is the day that we expected to get the phone call from our doctor. I went on with my day as usual not really thinking about the phone call. We had family coming for a few days so there was a lot to keep me busy so my mind didn’t obsessed.

At around 11:15 am the phone call came in and it was time to find out what the news was. We found out that out of our two eggs only one made it to be a full embryo! And I was very glad to know that we were able to have one. I really didn’t think that any of the eggs would make it to this stage so I was relieved that one did.
My partner was disappointed with the number he wanted them both to make it. The doctor continued with asking for another cycle of IVF just to potentially get more eggs. This would mean I would start the treatment in a week and that meant funds would need to be given in less than a week!
My partner was thinking of starting again but I was not! I feel that we have one embryo that god blessed us with and that will be the one that we move forward with.
After much discussion and much battle over my decision we decided that we would put IVF on a hold and accept our embryo baby!

Now you would think the process would be done but of course it isn’t. Since we both have the underline condition that showed up in our genetic testing of Cogenital Adrenal Hyperplasia  (CAH) our family has to be tested (parents) and they also have to check for chromosomes issues. So this process will take a few weeks so I will be looking to do my transfer late December or early January.

The doctor said she was very surprised that we were able to get one embryo since it was only two left. We also found out that our egg grade was 4AB which is really good and that it’s a 65% chance that everything will work with that number.

Right now I am happy and so are our families. Now I just want to make sure the embryo is normal and I can’t wait to find out the gender. It’s so weird all of the steps that this process takes you through. So much explanation goes into the details and others are fascinated by the process. It’s more than a process it’s a journey.

As I mentioned in my video feature below we did ICSI

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI /ˈɪksi/ IK-see) is an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure in which a single sperm cell is injected directly into the cytoplasm of an egg. This technique is used in order to prepare the gametes for the obtention of embryos that may be transferred to a maternal uterus. With this method acrosome reaction is skipped.

for this IVF cycle. You can choose to do it to help your chances for IVF. Of course everything has side effects or cons so please do your research and see if it’s something you would want to do.

I appreciate all of the love and support and as soon as I hear more news expect to see more documentation on my IVF Journey.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

My IVF Journey Day 13 After Egg Retrieval

Day 13

Today was the day we got our results back from my egg retrieval. I was thankful with the six eggs that were retrieved and hopeful for that we were going to have an awesome number after the 24 hours.

My partner was super anxious to find out before the doctor even called us. We called the office at 9:30 am our doctor had just walked in and said she will call us in a few. When she called she said that we only had two eggs and that the other four didn’t make it (I guess they weren’t mature enough). She went on to say that I should consider trying for another cycle to get more eggs because of the low count. The eggs were fertilized from us using a process called ICSI (I will explain further in Day 20 Embryo Results). Now they will sit for 5-6 days to see if they grow in to a embryo. The chances are low since we only have two but thinking about another IVF cycle is not on my mind.

To me I just finished the process and it wasn’t even 24 hours. To get my mind back on starting within a week was not even a thought. The huge amount of money that was spent out of pocket $32,000+, the emotional, physical and the thoughts of injections again was not an option. At least for now! I am not sure when or if I would do another cycle if the eggs were not going to survive.I was lost in thought and could only pray about it because my partner and I were not seeing eye to eye on this topic.

It’s super important to communicate your thoughts on all outcomes of IVF before hand. It helps with understanding what both of your needs are in the relationship. Of course I am very vocal and I had my reasons for every possible outcome that could play out while doing this treatment. So I was a little taken back that I was not being supported regarding not moving forward with a potential second IVF cycle. At the end of the day it’s my body and when and if I am ready again I will let you know. And today is not the day.

All we could do was wait until are 5-6 days were up and for me that’s where my head was at. During that time I kept very busy and focused on projects and things that I had lined up. I told my partner he should do the same. The more thoughts in your head regarding this will drive you mad or in a depressed state. And if we are truly committed to having a child we need to be able to mentally be prepared for the good and bad that comes our way in life.

So I enjoyed every aspect of my life during those days. I thanked god for every precious moment because no matter what I know that he has blessed me and that no matter I will always be blessed. And with that I knew that I was going to be alright
Stay tuned for Day 20 Embryo Results

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