Friday, October 11, 2019

Foods To Help With Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibroids

If you suffer from any underlining diseases its so important to watch what you eat. I have changed my diet since I had fibroids by cutting out red meat. I noticed that it would make my RA (rheumatoid arthritis) spike with heavy inflammation. It would also make my fibroids grow. Certain foods I noticed gave me bad symptoms and this is why I decided to change how I eat. Since I eliminated and began eating differently my body feels new and improved.
Check out what foods have helped make me feel wonderful and allowed me to cut back on medication prescribed by the doctor.

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Brussel Sprouts
Raisin Bran Cereal
Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
Multigrain Bagels
Rice Cakes
Wheat Thins

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Maybelline: Ashley Longshore Lip Kits

Maybelline has a fun collaboration with Ashley Longshore that features a bold range of Matte Lipsticks. I was able to get my hands on them during fashion week before it was available and I love them. The collection features 6 shades that are pleasing for the fall season. The matte texture is very intense and takes a lot to come off. If you love to apply numerous layers like I do give it time to fully dry on your lips first.

I enjoyed the two shades I have called Artist and Believer. I think they give off a boldness that is super fierce and demands attention! The lip kits go for $16-$18 and the full collection is $48. If you can catch them all on sale, do it I think these will be sold out soon!

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Monday, October 7, 2019

My IVF Journey (Thyroid Issues)

We have completed the first blood work stages and I find out my thyroid is high for IVF. I am currently taking a thyroid medication called Levothyroxine because my thyroid number was around 3.8 and it needs to be under 2.5 for IVF protocol. Things I didn’t know was a big deal when doing IVF, technically I am at a normal level but for pregnancy I am not.

 After much debate and considering other options instead of taking the medication. I found some helpful foods to eat and avoid to help with lowering my thyroid levels. Below is some information that will get me through the process. Hopefully I won’t have to take the thyroid medication for too long if I can keep it under control. I am not familiar with this medication nor did I really want to add another pill to my regimen. But it seems like this is part of the process and for now I am on board until I feel indifferent.

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Sunday, September 29, 2019

My IVF Journey (The Beginning)

As I move on from IUI to IVF I am thrilled and sad in a way. I had hoped that IUI would be the one where I get pregnant and things would be great even with a low success rate! But unfortunately that changed due to low motility, age being a factor, stress and lack of semen analysis... So IVF is where I begin my journey even though I would have LOVED to try one more treatment of IUI things don’t go how you want.

So with my fears at the door I know that this process will be one where I have to be super strong! I hate needles and I hate the process of IVF but there’s no simpler way for this process to be. The strength that I build will get me through and hopefully I become a wonderful mom!

We are in the beginning stages I will be fully starting monitoring once my period comes 9/30-10/1 so the clock is ticking. Before I start we had to get blood work for any diseases, genetic testing (deep inside our dna), go over cost the $23,000-26,000 (we will use savings, loans and family help) its a crazy and expensive process!

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Haul: Home Decor (Lowe's, Amazon, Wayfair and Ashley Furniture)

When it comes to styling I enjoy doing it with clothes and home decorating! It’s so much fun to piece things together and create something fresh that you love!

As we prepare to do some renovations in our home our first step was to tackle our kitchen which should be completed by the end of the year. With high prices in cabinets with our specific taste, range from $10,000-$13,000 just on cabinets only. We decide to move forward with the first step which were the floors. A bright white kitchen is the ultimate goal so something white with gray undertones was a big plus for us!

Flooring purchased at Lowe’s $2 sq.ft
Anatolia Porcelain Marble Floor

The color gave a great open space versus our brown flooring that made the room look dull. I must admit the flooring is a challenge to keep clean with dogs and shoes being worn constantly in the house. But overall we LOVE the style!

Since we have to wait for our funds to build up for the cabinets we decided to start adding some pretty decor! I knew I wanted something white and silver but it was very hard to find a small round table. We had a long rectangular 8 chair style previous and just didn’t want anything too huge. After looking for a bit and not finding what I truly wanted I decided to think outside the box. Why not just create what I wanted. From that thought I worked on looking for a round glass table that had chrome detailing. I was able to find a cool style at Ashley Furniture for $183, free shipping and it was a summer clearance sale! 

Mandanere Dining Table

It was the right size and gave us still plenty of room for our kitchen island. This table comes with chairs but I didn’t want them I wanted something different so I went with Acrylic chairs. They are comfy and you can add fur or a plush pillow seat top to glam it up.

Ghost Chairs (Set of 2)

I decided to add three chairs and make it cozy with a sparkly bench which I found on Wayfair for $89 which included free shipping! (Its currently sold out but I found it on Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart) Wayfair has a ton of great ottomans that I will be considering to add in the living room and our bedrooms real soon! The sparkly white bench is so fabulous because it has clear legs!! 

It’s perfectly perfect in our home and that’s all that matters at the end of the day!

Ella Glitz Bench

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