Thursday, November 14, 2019

My IVF Journey Day 13 After Egg Retrieval

Day 13

Today was the day we got our results back from my egg retrieval. I was thankful with the six eggs that were retrieved and hopeful for that we were going to have an awesome number after the 24 hours.

My partner was super anxious to find out before the doctor even called us. We called the office at 9:30 am our doctor had just walked in and said she will call us in a few. When she called she said that we only had two eggs and that the other four didn’t make it (I guess they weren’t mature enough). She went on to say that I should consider trying for another cycle to get more eggs because of the low count. The eggs were fertilized from us using a process called ICSI (I will explain further in Day 20 Embryo Results). Now they will sit for 5-6 days to see if they grow in to a embryo. The chances are low since we only have two but thinking about another IVF cycle is not on my mind.

To me I just finished the process and it wasn’t even 24 hours. To get my mind back on starting within a week was not even a thought. The huge amount of money that was spent out of pocket $32,000+, the emotional, physical and the thoughts of injections again was not an option. At least for now! I am not sure when or if I would do another cycle if the eggs were not going to survive.I was lost in thought and could only pray about it because my partner and I were not seeing eye to eye on this topic.

It’s super important to communicate your thoughts on all outcomes of IVF before hand. It helps with understanding what both of your needs are in the relationship. Of course I am very vocal and I had my reasons for every possible outcome that could play out while doing this treatment. So I was a little taken back that I was not being supported regarding not moving forward with a potential second IVF cycle. At the end of the day it’s my body and when and if I am ready again I will let you know. And today is not the day.

All we could do was wait until are 5-6 days were up and for me that’s where my head was at. During that time I kept very busy and focused on projects and things that I had lined up. I told my partner he should do the same. The more thoughts in your head regarding this will drive you mad or in a depressed state. And if we are truly committed to having a child we need to be able to mentally be prepared for the good and bad that comes our way in life.

So I enjoyed every aspect of my life during those days. I thanked god for every precious moment because no matter what I know that he has blessed me and that no matter I will always be blessed. And with that I knew that I was going to be alright
Stay tuned for Day 20 Embryo Results

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 12) Egg Retrieval

Day 12
Wow it’s been a long ride but I successfully made it to egg retrieval and I am not sure what to expect! I just know I don’t want to feel anything and I want to wake up after it’s over!

The process for us is a difficult one because egg retrieval’s are done in the morning hours. And my partner isn’t a true morning person he struggles in the morning (moves very slow) and functions best after 10-12 pm time frame. So with that said we planned to stay in a near by hotel near the facility but unfortunately all of the rooms were sold out! Thankfully we have an RV that we barely use to sleep overnight and be on time for my 9:30 am call time. It was the best decision we made because I can’t afford to miss this day!

The day of egg retrieval I really didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t super nervous until I finally got into the room. I just knew that I had took on a lot for this IVF cycle and this part felt the same. And I wish that the steps that women have to go through were more balanced when it came to it. I was very in my head but there was nothing I could do but go along with it. I was already there and I had completed everything that I needed to for the next chapter of becoming a mom. It’s was all about being what we as women were built to do!

I was told the procedure would be 15 minutes and that I would sleep like a baby!...I went in the operating room. I spread my arms out and had to place my feet on the similar placement like during an ultrasound. It was a bit different because it was higher and I had to spread more wider. I already had been given my sleepy pill in my IV so once I placed my foot down. I was out!

When I woke I was in a daze, I was given crackers to eat (salty). I was shown how many eggs were retrieved 6 which meant that the original 8 were a loss number. Unfortunately we had to accept the lower number but we were thankful that it was something. Yes, I felt cramping after it was over for sure! (Below is a list of things needed after).

Now we pray, call our family members and wait for our doctor to call tomorrow with the number of how many eggs fertilized.
Stay tuned for Day 13 and wow the thought of that number now puts everything in perspective.

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 11) 2nd Trigger

Day 11
After a rough night of mixing the trigger shot, I had a second trigger shot at 11 am. I was one step closer to egg retrieval and this was the last injection to get me there.
Of course the vibe was extreme happiness because it was one step closer to ending the cycle. And a moment to feel that I could potentially be a mom.
After the trigger I felt relieved, positive and really proud of the woman I became during the cycle! I felt very empowered and the feeling let me know that I am unstoppable and fearless. No matter how fearful I am I know that I am capable of tackling that fear!

The last Leuprolide shot was easy and smooth and quite rewarding. No one can take a way this special moment. Now on to egg retrieval and boy am I not sure what to expect. But I am all in!
Stay tuned Day 12
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Friday, November 8, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 10 ) Trigger Shot Pregnyl + Leuprolide

Day 10
Wow, I am finally at the day where I trigger! This moment finally is here because all of my follicles are at an awesome size and I am beyond ready to go! That means no additional medications just trigger shots!
To get to this point was very exhausting but the end of the journey is almost here. Nerves are taking over for sure because this is a new medication enter my body and I don’t know what to expect. And I know this is the most important part of the IVF cycle so it has to be done properly and on time.

I feel extremely exciting and nervous at the same time. That means I get a full 24 hours and than it’s Egg Retrieval! Wow! This is journey has been one to remember. I made it this far and I am super proud of my courage, I am stronger from this!

I have to trigger at 11 pm which means I will not sleep because I will be thinking about that, ugh! And another trigger shot again tomorrow at 11 am!

Here is the scoop on my trigger shots Pregnyl I have to mix the liquid into the powder. I actually thought that the long needle was going to be injected in me but thankfully it’s only used to mix. Thank you Jesus!!! The other medication is called Leuprolide will take this one alone tomorrow.
It’s all about the trigger, I hope these follicles are ready to rock!

Pregnyl This medication is used in women to treat fertility problems. It is given after finishing another medication (menotropins) to cause the release of an egg (ovulation). It should not be used in women whose ovaries no longer make eggs properly (primary ovarian failure).

Leuprolide Ovulation cannot occur naturally while on Lupron because LH, which triggers ovulation, is suppressed. This prevents a premature surge of the LH before the retrieval, which could cause loss of the cycle. Once the eggs are mature, an injection of Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) or LH is given to stimulate ovulation. Egg retrieval is scheduled 35 hours later.

Stay tuned for Day 11

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My IVF Journey (Day 9)

Exhausted isn’t even the word anymore. These injections are killing me with staying awake! I have never not slept for days. I just need a full 8 hours of sleep because I feel out of it. Even though I am cheerful, walking around with a smile doing activities inside I am TIRED!!

My follicles are really being stubborn and I just want to trigger at this point and move the egg retrieval process along. I have taken my Pink Stork tea but don’t want to over do it and loose a follicle in the process. Nurses say keep drinking plenty of water we’re almost there!! It’s exciting to know but it also makes you very anxious. This is me during one cycle I couldn’t imagine the strength of those who have done this more than 3 cycles! That’s a bad ass woman!
Let’s go follicles!
Stay tuned to Day 10

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 8)

Day 9
My follicles are looking very good, another process of morning monitoring and blood work. Which means another 4 am wake up call and show up time of 6:00 am.

Luckily I am a morning person but the process still is draining when you just want to sleep a little longer. I have 6 strong follicles that are perfect in size I have a few that are under 10 so they want me to wait a little longer to see if they can make it to 10.

I am so thankful that the fertility location that I go to has been wonderful during the process. It’s always pleasant to go to a place where you feel safe and comfortable. The nurses and staff members have been awesome and I trust that I am in good hands.

My body has never felt so exhausted like this but I continue to do the work to make this happen and appreciate that I made it this far.
Hoping tomorrow we get closer to a trigger shot!
Stay tuned for Day 9

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