Sunday, May 30, 2021

Giveaway Baby Clothes

Being a mom is a blessing and also a lot of work. We are definitely the Wonder Woman gender and we for sure kick ass at it. Sometimes it can be challenging, stressful and some days you might not feel your best. But of course you always pull through it with that inner force that gives you the strength!

Since being a new mom is very new to me I am learning along the way and of course I have a great support system that helps when you need a hand.
For those that don’t get support or lack things for their baby I want to offer some help. I am doing a giveaway on baby clothes in size preemie and I plan to do it as often as my child grows out of her clothes.
Raising a child and having one is very expensive but it’s also important to have the basic necessities to make it easier on your life.

The giveaway is opened to US residents only and two winners will be selected. Just follow any one of these social platforms to be considered. Winner will be tagged on our social media platform. Ends June 7th

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Sip + See Garden Party


We had our big celebration to welcome our daughter Madison Star with Sip & See party! The theme was a Garden Party which was very fun and exciting! I made sure all the flowers were fresh and perfect on the tables for a glam touch. We had customized matching sunflower headbands from Jilly Headbands on Etsy. It was so nice to have a perfect look with my little one. My dress was a budget find from Venus. I wanted something white and of course fitted since I was able to show off my body again. It was a pleasant party I was happy with it and of course to celebrate with family and friends.

Motherhood is definitely a great way to bring people together and celebrate, I look forward to many more memories. I think I am going to be the mom that posts and does everything for my daughter. That’s just so much love!!

Newborn Photo Shoot

I decided to do a newborn shoot because I wanted to capture my daughter’s precious moments. It turned out to be a great day for us. It was challenging to start with Madison Star crying a lot. But after sometime we were able to nail some amazing shots. Over all I am very happy with our photos and I look forward to doing more Photo shoots with her. Here is a snippet of some behind-the-scenes footage of our day. Along with some cute photos that I think you all will love. Don’t forget you can follow My daughter’s page below.
Photos By Lillie

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Baby Registry Items (Part. 1)


Planning a baby registry was actually a fun experience for me. I started my list in October and did much research on the items that had rave reviews. It’s very important to really invest in the time to review products and other's experience on products that you are interested in buying for your new addition.

Remember to check out my full posts on all items from my registry and baby room under Baby Registry to get all products that might be helpful for your list.

  1. 1. Bassinet $59.99 +
I was looking for something that was portable so I can take it with me while visiting family. This particular one had a lot of great reviews and I was satisfied with the style.

You can find it at Target, Amazon or Walmart

2. Baby Swing $219


The first time I saw this at Target I was in love and I wanted this so bad for my baby! It’s pricey but I love the different motions, comfort and the luxury vibe it featured. It was a huge must have on my list!

You can find at Target, 4moms and Buy Buy Baby.

                                                                           3. Flower Wall $150+


I really got into flower walls because I have been obsessed with shopping on Etsy. There’s so many cool things you can have created for your baby’s room and this signature addition was something fabulous that I wanted to bring the wow factor!

You can buy from the stores Etsy shop
or direct link.

Video Feature

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Inside My Maternity Shoot


Happy New Year! I am kicking off the year announcing my pregnancy if you don’t already know. My due date is April 8th but I will have a C-section set for March 25th (Aries, baby girl)!

I took much time off since the pandemic just to enjoy the moment and just get a break from blogging knowing the crisis of the world. It was important to me because so many people were/are still dying and life is impacting everyone in many ways. I had a plan to return whenever I decided to do my maternity shoot so here I am full of excitement with this post.

If you want to see my complete pregnancy journey connect on my YouTube Channel for all of my weeks leading up to when I deliver.

Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot

Inside My Looks

Here are the details of my outfits for the shoot.
Photographer Photos By Lillie

First Look
Dress: Pink Blush Maternity

Necklace: Tjmaxx

2nd Look
Dress: Custom made on Etsy

Earrings: Tjmaxx

3rd Look
Dress: Photographer bought it

Floral Headband: Handmade on Etsy

Necklace & Ring: Tjmaxx

Slippers: Mandee

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Podcast: Get Your Life, Just Do It

Don't let this pandemic stop you from being great! Keep pushing no matter what!


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