Saturday, August 24, 2019

Shoes: Fall Red Booties

Time to get prepared for your Fall wardrobe and it starts with red being the powerhouse shade like every Fall season. But what's trending this season in red are new trends in booties. The bootie trend kicks us off as the starter for our boot obsessions. Below are some fun styles to look out for that are popular for your fashionable wardrobe.

Christian Louboutin

Eloise Suede Red Sole Booties

True to the game of fashion, this one doesn't disappoint with its fierce style! Its Fall ready and beyond, the only real killer is the price tag. But if you got it do flaunt it!


I love this style with long skirt or a flowing top! Its the perfect match for those cold Fall days.


This has that edgy factor which is great to wear with leather jackets or moto jackets with some flair. It's affordable but still has a richness. 

Jessica Simpson
I like the long leg approach on this for pretty stockings or if you love to wear chunky socks this hides them pretty well. A great fit for skinny jeans too. 

Steve Madden
This one is my super favorite! The shine is everything, the pointy effect is a boss babes dream. If you can work the heel this is a winner! 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Budget Nails: L.A. Colors Polish

The summer season is coming to a close and I must admit I am so here for the Fall season. Even though I love my bold colors and I am not afraid to try out shades that go beyond your basic theme. Sometimes basic is really where its at when you just want to be chic!
While on the hunt for a quick fix to my nails breaking at a rapid pace, solid shades are the perfect mix for this situation. I needed something that was quick and not really expensive so budget was really on my radar. I am one to buy the great quality brands because I really love a great polish that last but at this moment a day was all I needed.

I headed to Walmart and search and behold I find L.A Colors a brand that I used all the time when I first dabbled in makeup and the brand was my ride or die for sure. The section was basically sold out except for this pretty metallic pink that had the shimmer details that I love. Under $3 bucks I purchased it along side my Sally Hansen nail hardener which is the best!!

After using the shade Pink Diamond I was in love! The brand has definitely improved in quality since my time using it. The brush was awesome when applying and the color lasts for me at least 4 days but I reapplied it just because I wanted to just refresh them. I am positive that the color lasts much longer if I gave it more time. I am curious to try any of the other shades that they might have since this one was fabulous! Make sure you check them out because it's something that you will love when showing off your nail game!

Winners: It Cosmetics

Sorry for the delay ladies just having been motivated to post much lately, finally felt the urge. 

Congrats to MrsSkyRob Foundation and MsCocaCola85 Eye Brow please send your info by 8/30/19 to or a new winner will be selected. 

Please note all giveaway prizes will be shipped out within 3-5 business days, please share images on social media once you received your item/s and tag me with your share.  I am not responsible for any lost items that may occur.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Events: Baby Palooza NYC

I attended Babypalooza in NYC this week and it was amazing! It was enjoyable to be around expecting moms and those that already hold the mother title. As I still move forward on my fertility journey this event was a nice approach to hopefulness as well as educational. So many great brands and products that will be on my radar when the time comes. 

Video Feature

Baby Banana ($6-$14)

Heather Phillips is one of the founders of this exciting brand! It was great connecting with her we talked briefly about IVF which was reassuring because she’s expecting twins! How exciting and she’s a girlboss!!
It’s all about healthy teeth and gums with this fun creative brand. These 100% silicone tethers and toothbrushes for infants and toddlers are super safe and flexible. And also so cute! With a fun variety of styles that include Corn Cob, Magical Unicorn, Sharky among other lively themes. There’s no reason why the Baby Banana brand can’t be your go to product to establish good oral care.
Pros- Easy for toddlers to grasp
Dishwasher Safe
Products great for infants through 24 months

Pink Stork ($12-$55 includes bundle prices)

Since I am doing fertility treatments this brand was super exciting to see at Babypalozza! The owner Amy Upchurch is super stylish and she created this product from her difficult experiences during her pregnancy. With a wide variety of products (fertility, morning sickness, pregnancy health, labor/delivery, postpartum, nursing and women’s health) that offer women a opportunity to feel empowered and enjoy their pregnancy. Amy is a mother of 5 so this brand is definitely one that’s on my radar to try since I am in the beginning stages. The products that seem most interesting to me are the Fertility Teas and Fertility Sweets!

Orange Lining ($65)

The duo sister brand is inspired by the superpowers of our children. Their passion came with the unfortunate passing of a young family member. This passion gave them the strength to create something magical along the way. The Hero Blanket which is one of their signature products, allows for comfort and play through every stage of childhood.

Glowe Collections (Sale $75-$105)

A maternity collection that’s well structured and fashion forward before, during and after pregnancy. The most unique style that the brand showcases is their Levanta leggings. It’s helps to alleviate lower back pain and pelvic pressure while accentuating your female form.

Trendy Toes ($11)
Soft socks for babies to feel comfortable with a majority of them being cotton. The stay on and they look super cute as well.

Brinware ($8-$17)

The founder Alana Fields created something beyond amazing!
Feed your little ones in style with these products that are tempered glass and silicone. The collection features place mats, bibs, bowl sets, food containers and divider dishes. Products are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and oven safe.

Mommy Matters ($25-$75)

It’s all about comfort during and after pregnancy with this brand. With the knowledge and experience of an ob/gyn, the product line is all medical and the best care for a mom. Featuring a portable Pregnancy Pillow which is discreet and a hot/cold gel pack can help with any aches. Their Postpartum Underwear is one that I love it’s airy, light weight and has a mesh lining and you can hold a gel insert in them as well. And finally the Heal and Restore Essentials Kit gives you everything you need before and after childbirth. Includes 3 pack underwear, nipple guards, soothing lanolin, stretch mark recovery cream, a refreshing and antiseptic perineal spray and postnatal vitamins.

Pediped $(22-$60)

It’s all about keeping babies feet healthy and of course stylish. Their footwear collection features shoes in first steps, next steps and bigger steps. Benefits flexible with the ball of the foot, soft with breathable uppers, adjustable closures for a snug fit.

Tranquilo ($80)

A product that helps baby sleep better and soothes!
Soothing Mat vibrates and soothes while mimicking the sounds and motions of the womb.
Baby Soothe Massager
Naturally calms baby with 3 motion that gently rotates to mimic moms fingertip massage.
Sleep Swaddler and Positioner
Secured baby comfortably on the back so they can sleep safely.

Babybreeza ($79-$200)
Saves 30 minutes a day feeding your baby! Very cool products a food maker (automatically steams and blends homemade baby food), sterilizer dryer (automatically sterilizes and dries bottles, pump parts and accessories), formula pro advanced (automatically makes warm formula bottles instantly).

Simple Wishes
Simple Wishes ($6.50-$50)
We love a company that has a whole lot of girl power and this sisterly owned business is one to talk about!
The brand provided exceptional products that help women through their breastfeeding journey. They have a collection of nursing and pumping bras and underwear all meant for comfort.

Friday, July 19, 2019

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 + Brow Power and Giveaway


Don’t let the summer heat wave ruin your foundation this season. It Cosmetics has you covered with Matte SPF 40 Foundation! Yes I was gifted a few shades to try along with their Primer and new Brow Power products!
When it comes to primers I can honestly say I don’t use, I don’t feel there’s truly a need for it for my skin. I know primer is to help keep your makeup in place and last longer. But I use only It Cosmetics foundation and I wear it alone and my makeup is always stays in place. (I did use it for this tutorial).

Moving forward to their Matte foundation. Lightweight, easy for those extreme hot days, isn’t cakey, looks natural and is full coverage. They have a ton of great foundation products this one is great but my personal favorite is their Airbrush foundation I wear it often and it’s also a matte but in a powered form and it’s FABULOUS!!

Their Brow Power products have expanded. It’s simple if you are looking for an everyday look, it’s not heavy or overly dramatic. If you like a natural vibe this is ideal.
The price point for the products are great because it’s makeup and skincare combined in one so you get all of the extra benefits that allow for healthy skin!

Video Feature

I am hosting a giveaway since I was gifted extra product. I will select 2 winners one for The Matte Foundation shades Rich Honey or Deep will be your choice! And the Brow Power in Micro will be the second item. It’s open to US Residents only winner will be posted on the blog and ends 7/30/19.
Brow Power Fuller $24
Brow Power Micro $24
Brow Power Universal $24 
CC+ Cream Matte $39

Follow/Like ANY one social media platform from It Cosmetics and GlitterBuzzStyle.
(Your options can be YouTube (Subscribe), Instagram (Follow), Twitter (Follow) or Facebook (Follow))
Winner will be posted on the blog!
It Cosmetics 
YouTube: ItCosmetics
YouTube: GlitterBuzzStyle

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Beauty Buzz: ManiGlovz


I am not into tanning at all and the summer season isn’t one of my huge faves because the sun can be really annoying. I have noticed that my hands have gotten more darker in the recent years and that’s because of the constant sun exposure. I am all about sun protection on my face but my hands have definitely been neglected. MANIGLOVZ is something new that was gifted to me but it has a lot of cool perks that make me interested in the brand.

It protects your hands from the sun, you can use while getting your manicures, it’s great for driving and it’s dermatologist approved. The cost is very pricey at $24 but boutique brands have to start somewhere and as a business owner I understand the hustle of getting your product out there. I love the fact that the variety of MANIGLOVZ are so pretty and fun. Only con that I have is my hands are a bit small so I have extra room but it’s still comfy.

The brand has also made it easy for customers to contribute to charity with a portion of its sales going to Cancer Foundations which is awesome. Even though this item was gifted, I am feeling it. I am considering adding it to the GlitterBuzzStyle Boutique if clients are interested, let me know your thoughts ladies! Check them out and see if MANIGLOVZ is something that you can get with!

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