Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Top 5 Looks Brandon Maxwell F'W 20

Brandon Maxwell F’W 20 collection is a classic girls dream with outfits for every moment. I love the colors that showcased in this collection it was soft, bold and timeless. The brand is definitely one that can be a true household name with the details and structure of the clothes. It’s so refreshing to get excited about a designer that really give fashion appeal and diversity.

My Top 5 Looks
It’s a great staple look that is versatile for all seasons. The extra scarf accessory just brings the drama home.

Great look for an upscale event, very well tailored and so confidently attractive in style!

This is fire at its best and it’s a boss look for sure. The shine, the front cut and the fit is gorgeous.

It’s simple but revamped in a edgy way. Boldness and a belt is all you need in this look!

I love the ombré effect and play on colors. It’s a style that every woman can relate to and get into.

Photo: Alessandro Lucioni /

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Room Tour

A glimpse inside where I record and were my merchandise is stocked for my boutique.
If anyone is interested in shopping here is the link

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Top 5 Looks: Area FW'20

Area FW’20 collection was so much bigger than last season and I adore the brand even more. Known for adding that glitzy sparkle that makes me go crazy they shined again.
To me this seasons styles were more wearable, eye catching and great for performing artists vs last season when it was all about making a statement. The brand has really showcased its versatile appeal and I love the growth and concepts of the looks.

My Top 5 Looks
1 From head to toe it’s dripping all the way. The head wrap the braided top and well structured glam pants are to die for!

2 The basic jumpsuit is perfect with its highlighting jeweled neckline and sparkle straps is an easy weekend vibe!

3 You gotta love a good pants suit with a nice pattern. Some show off accessories to compliment the look and that barrel bag is everything!!

4 A bad bodysuit can do no wrong in this look. The flames are speaking in this extra fabulous style. The leg warmer trend on these are rocking, I want this in every shade!

5 Show-stopping from all elements of dazzle. It’s a great look for that performer who isn’t afraid to turn it up!

Photo Source: Area

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Top 5 Looks: Oscar de la Renta FW'20

Oscar de la Renta FW'20 Collection was a refreshing vibe with chic elements and bold colors that created fashion iconic theme.The designs were well styled together pushing array of color schemes, patterns and flashy statements to bring home a look.

My Top 5 Looks includes this signature coat so chic and flawless with mixes of bold red; the flirty style of the pleated top and mini with so much ombré of perfection; the pink over-sized trousers with more pops of shade to add to a neutral wining look; a simple black pant with a eye candy top full of shimmer and staple star bag; a fierce slit dress that shows power with a kick ass over the knee boot!

What's your favorite look from the collection? And which styles would you rock?
Photo: Alessandro Lucioni /


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