Monday, September 16, 2019

Beauty Review: It Cosmetics Blowout Mascara

Lashes, Lashes, Lashes!!!
I am enjoying the collaboration that It Cosmetics has with Dry Bar and its Lash Blow Out Mascara, their new mascara is so amazing!

Since getting this gifted item back in August, I’ve used this literally everyday! I love how it makes my lashes look longer, easy to separate and gets glam volume! It was my go to during New York Fashion Week and has been everyday as well. The price point is a splurge at $25 but in my opinion it is one of the best mascaras that the brand has. This is very strange because they have a lot of quality mascaras but this one tops Superhero! The packaging resembles a hair brush and I love the pop of yellow and gray!

If you are a beauty guru this is something that you should try and I am sure you definitely will love it as well!!

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Review: Pink Stork


I started Pink Stork back in August I am a full month in and things are going well. I was suppose to start another IUI but that all changed this month. We are finally starting IVF end of this month (September) and things are moving quickly. I have been drinking the Fertility Tea twice a day (mornings and afternoons), I take the Fertility Treats at least twice a day sometimes three. It’s a great idea to keep one in your handbag for a quick on the go boost. They taste really good you could get addicted.

I also purchased Pink Stork Fertility Pills which is actually a bit similar to their Prenatal vitamins. My IVF doctor said it had all the needed ingredients and that it was a good product to take. I did purchase it from Amazon $11.99 you can always get them at Target or directly on the Pink Stork website. So far things have been amazing with taking the products, I have read many great reviews on them so I am hopeful. I am hoping that it will also help along with the IVF and maintaining a healthy diet for a successful pregnancy.

If all goes well, I will definitely continue to use the brands products throughout my pregnancy moving forward.
I am glad I was able to find out about the brand during BabyPalooza and with that I purchased their products right away! I am also thankful that the brand sent me more products as well on my fertility journey! So stay tuned for more videos featuring my IVF process.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Runway: Art Hearts Fashion NYFW Designer Olistic The Label

It was my first time attending Art Hearts Fashion and all though I was a bit late from traveling from show to show it was nice to end my day with a stylish collection. Olistic The Label SS’20 was flowing with dresses and styles of white. It was airy, extremely feminine and posh in style. It had enough sophistication to it that would be perfect for a mature woman who knows how to dress and be fashion forward. 

I would have loved to see 1-2 styles in a pop shade, I think that would have even gave the collection more reach. Overall there is definitely a place for Olistic The Label and I hope that the brand will debut at The Shows instead of an off site location. The fashions are up there, its time to level up with the A-listers!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Review: Arm + Hammer Refresher Spray

I am all about freshness especially when wearing shoes for long periods of time. Arm and Hammer has a shoe Refresher Spray that is so ideal for keeping your shoes smelling good!

During the summer months the sweat is unbearable from heat waves so I am glad this product was one that I had handy. Sometimes airing shoes out isn’t enough you need something extra to make it last a bit longer.
Since fall season and winter seasons are close by this product is still something to keep around. I use it personally for all my shoes, I enjoy adding a bit of freshness before and after I walk in my shoes. This gives me confidence that my shoes and feet won’t have a harsh odor. 

And it’s also great to share if you have a partner or spouse, they will enjoy it without you even knowing.
Product is available at Target and Walmart for under $6 great bargain!

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Fashion: Nolcha Shows Amnesia SS'20

Amnesia was back again at Nolcha Shows showcasing their SS’20 collection which was fun, vibrant and had major athleisure pieces with style. The brand stayed true to its name branded on most of the collection with a sporty twist. Fun bold colors had a playful pop that was untouchable. Night time fun in gold and metallic dresses were a nice mix of fabrics. I wish there were more dresses in the collection because the designer Eva Prokai has a fantastic eye when it comes to showing off the curves of a woman’s body. And I wanted more of that. Hope to see what creative ideas she comes up with for next season!

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Photos: Paul Newland 
Nav Shergill

Backstage Access: NYFW (Corey Tenold) Oscar De La Renta SS'20

When it comes to high class and glamour  Oscar Del La Renta SS'20 makes sure it shuts the front and back entrance of luxury! The dresses are marvelous with well structured details that are breathtaking. The simplest style is dolled up in pretty girl elegance with just the right boldness. Every style is upscale and has a modern touch with impeccable trends in vogue. So many key pieces to make any woman feel like a shining star!


Filippo Fior /

Fashion: NYFW Christian Cowan SS'20

I have found a designer that speaks to me and it’s Christian Cowan! Everything pink, glitter, sequins, sparkly with more splashes of pinks I am sold! This collection adds a ton of spice that’s meant to be seen with every strut! A woman who isn’t afraid to take risks and own her “IT” personality shines in this collection. The collection screams 39 pieces and a good 35 of them deserves an applaud!


Photot Filippo Fior /

Fashion: NYFW Cushnie SS'20

Cushnie SS’20 collection features some fabulous celebrities showcasing the line. The looks are a variety of day into night, signatures for girl bosses and feminine to its core. I think the collection suits just about every woman’s body image and comfort. I can definitely see myself in a majority of the clothes from the collection.

Photo: Cushnie


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