Sunday, May 30, 2021

Giveaway Baby Clothes

Being a mom is a blessing and also a lot of work. We are definitely the Wonder Woman gender and we for sure kick ass at it. Sometimes it can be challenging, stressful and some days you might not feel your best. But of course you always pull through it with that inner force that gives you the strength!

Since being a new mom is very new to me I am learning along the way and of course I have a great support system that helps when you need a hand.
For those that don’t get support or lack things for their baby I want to offer some help. I am doing a giveaway on baby clothes in size preemie and I plan to do it as often as my child grows out of her clothes.
Raising a child and having one is very expensive but it’s also important to have the basic necessities to make it easier on your life.

The giveaway is opened to US residents only and two winners will be selected. Just follow any one of these social platforms to be considered. Winner will be tagged on our social media platform. Ends June 7th

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