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GlitterBuzzstyle: Interview

GlitterBuzzStyle's exclusive interview with Dieci Lifestyle Spa stylist Eden.

Dieci Lifestyle Spa located in Livingston, NJ is a posh setting offering upscale jewelry, a great spa treatment and of course stylists that make you look extra fab!

(Eden is doing a blowout on a client.)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dieci Hair Stylist - Eden. He had some fabulous tips on hair maintenance, great product knowledge, and the perks of Dieci Lifestyle Spa!

I walked into Dieci Lifestyle Spa looking for beauty and sophistication and I was not disappointed. Dieci Lifestyle Spa was an ode to a beautiful villa in Italy, large and ready to pamper and care for everyone. The waiting area of Dieci had comfy furniture and beautiful murals it was a perfect setting to get beautified.

I especially loved the makeup station behind the gift shop and did I mention that Dieci also sells jewelry! At Dieci Lifestyle Spa, you can come in looking one way and leave looking glam.

While soaking the ambiance of Deici Lifestyle Spa and being offered coffee or tea by the friendly staff, I was greeted by Dieci Lifestyle Spa Stylist Eden. Here is how the interview went.

GBS: I am so happy to be here! I love the look of Dieci Lifestyle Spa. Tell me more about the environment here.

Eden: It is a very relaxing atmosphere. People come here 2 to 3 times a week. You come inside and have a cup of coffee. It's a relaxing atmosphere. You can get a totally spa experience here at Dieci Lifestyle Spa. Many come in after work, get their nails done, have a facial, and a massage. You can get a total makeover here at Dieci.

GBS: I heard a lot about the hairstyling products at Dieci, what are the best things about the hair care products. And what are the benefits?

Eden: We have a lot of hair care products including hair and style treatments products. Many salons do not have style treatments. Also the stylists here at Dieci are very knowledgeable about the products being used here. We at Dieci are about keeping your hair healthy as well as looking beautiful. It is great to have beautiful hair but how do you maintain that? We help our customers maintain healthy hair with our products at home.

GBS: What top products here at Dieci are a must have?

Eden: It really depends on the hair type. One of my favorite product lines is Nioxin. Nioxin treats the hair and the scalp. Many products forget about treating the scalp. The scalp is what makes the hair beautiful. You also need some for your hair too. I also like the Intensive care shampoo and conditioner by Label M. Label M is great for the hair. It also depends on your hair type.

GBS: What are the price ranges for these products? Any packages?

Eden: These products range from $30 -$50. We do great packages for the Nioxin products, you can save $10 to $15!

GBS: Lets talk about color maintenance. Many people are changing their hair color for the winter. Many either lighten their hair or go darker. What tips can you give those who are changing their hair color?

Eden: I would say always deep condition your hair. If your hair is dry when you put any chemicals in your hair, it will become drier! I like Intensive repair by Label M. The more chemicals you have in your hair, the less you should wash it. If you normally wash your hair every two to three days, you should wash your lock just once a week.

(This is Intensive Repair Shampoo by Label M! )

GBS: Many women would love to know what they can do about going grey. Should you dye or embrace?

Eden: I think that grey hair is beautiful. If you want to keep your hair grey than get some little highlights. You can also get a deposit color (a lighter color) so your grey will look like highlights. Also get a hairstyle that insinuates your grey hair.

GBS: What would be some great tips for those with fine or thinning hair.

Eden: If you have very fine hair, never keep your hair long. Long hair makes your fine hair look finer. If you have short hair, adding layers give your hair fullness. If you want a lot of body than add layers. Layers give your hair more movement and a great lift. When you shampoo your hair at home, use something that gives your hair body. Stay away from moisturizer. If you moisturizer your hair a lot, your hair will look finer. I like to use Nioxin products because they add texture and fullness to the hair. If you are going to blow dry your hair at home, you should use the Nioxin Mousse and Nioxin Thickening Spray on the roots. The Nioxin Mousse and Thickening Spray will add volume at the roots.

GBS: What are the most popular styles your customers are asking for today?

Eden: Today I am getting request for shorter hair with lots of layers. A lot of people want a Victoria Beckham inspired hairstyle. Many women also want hair similar to Farrah Fawcett, big hair with lots of curls and lifts. The Farrah Fawcett flip is in right now.

GBS: How should you treat your hair for the winter?

Eden: The winter is known as the drying season. Conditioning your hair is very important. If you feel that your hair is very dry, give yourself a hot oil treatment or deep condition your hair. If you want to deep condition your hair, apply a great conditioner to your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and keep the conditioner in your hair for 30 minutes then rinse.

GBS: How many times should a person see their stylist?

Eden: It really depends on how your hair grow. The longest you can go without a stylist is 6 to 8 weeks for a haircut or to maintain healthy hair. Make sure you go to someone who specializes in hair care. A great stylist will inform you on what products will help your hair. Use the products that your stylist suggest to you, this way you have a better choice of having healthier hair.

GBS: If you can work with any celebrity, who would you love to work with?

Eden: I would love to work with a celebrity that is adventurous with their hair. Someone like Halle Berry. She always has a new look. She is not scared to try new things.

GBS: What is the best advice you can give in regards to hair care?

Eden: People come to me say that they hate their hair. Everyone has great hair, you have to know how to take care of it. You also need a good stylist to get the dream hair that you want. Your stylist should also work with you. They should tell you what your hair needs including products.

Products you need to have

(Use Label M protein spray before a blow out to help smooth the split ends.)

(Great for those who have a oily scalp or uses too much product in their hair)

(Nioxin Scalp Recovery is great for those itching and flaky scalps.)

(Nioxin Follicle booster is great for hair growth)

Here are some exclusive pictures of Eden working on a client

(Eden is using a Nioxin Pure Shine Gel on the clients damped hair. Nioxin Pure Shine Gel is great for curls)

(Eden blow dries and sets each section of the clients hair)

(After each sectioned is dried. Eden releases the hair from the roller brush)

( After some finishing touches, this client leave Deici Lifestyle Spa looking fabulous)

Here are some Great Tips From Eden of Dieci Lifestyle Spa

•*When Using a curling iron, use the 10 second rule. Do not leave your hair in the curling iron for more than 10 seconds. Use a curling iron once a week.
•When using a Flat Iron, go from roots to tips very fast to prevent those indications from the flat iron.
•If you have have a greasy scalp and dandruff. Check into Nioxin dandruff control.

GlitterBuzzStyle would like to thank Dieci Lifestyle Spa, Stylist Eden of Dieci Lifestyle Spa and The Hip Event!

Stay tuned on Wednesday to read Eden's top A-list celebrity do's he loves, who needs a transformation and his 5 step process to getting "good hair"! Plus a review on the Dieci Color Eye Shadow from their makeup collection.

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