Monday, December 14, 2009

GlitterBuzzStyle Interview

You've seen her in all the top fashion magazines, her rip the runway for all the big labels and she rocked it out at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Meet Liu Wen

GBS: How does it feel to be the 1st Asian Model to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show?

Liu: Happy and excited! I'm so happy that Victoria’s Secret chose me for this show, and when I learned that I would be the first Asian face for their fashion show I was even more excited!

GBS: Do you feel like your paving the way for Asian models?

Liu: No. There are already some quite successful Asian models before me, like Du Juan or Daul Kim, who just left us which is such a pity. (Side note: Korean fashion model Dual Kim was found dead in Paris on Nov 20)

GBS: How did you get your start as a model?

Liu: I entered a model competition in China. Even though I didn't get in the ranking in the competition, is started me on the road to modeling.

GBS: What challenges and successes have you faced?

Liu: I don't define challenges or success, I just try my best to do what I should do.

GBS: What's the best thing about walking the runway?

Liu: The moment when I wait to walk out on the runway is so exciting.

GBS: What's your fave beauty products?

Liu: I think Chanel is great and also like Shu Uemura beauty products. It’s also important to stay hydrated and take nutrients so I often carry a vitaminwater when I’m on the go.

GBS: Who has inspired you in your career?

Liu: Joseph Carle, the international creative director of Marie Claire. He chose me for the first fashion story of my life. This that black-and-white story is what lead to me being discovered by more and more people. It's also him who made me come to Paris and New York.

GBS: What's up next for you in the New Year?

I haven’t decided anything about work next year but I do want to bring my family to Maldive for a vacation. I was there shooting once and I didn't have time to enjoy for myself. It’s been reported that the islands will sink so I'd like to visit again this beautiful place before then!

Much thanks to Liu Wen for the interview we wish you much success now and in the New Year, also special thanks to Jamie F. at Full Picture.

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