Monday, October 7, 2019

My IVF Journey (Thyroid Issues)

We have completed the first blood work stages and I find out my thyroid is high for IVF. I am currently taking a thyroid medication called Levothyroxine because my thyroid number was around 3.8 and it needs to be under 2.5 for IVF protocol. Things I didn’t know was a big deal when doing IVF, technically I am at a normal level but for pregnancy I am not.

 After much debate and considering other options instead of taking the medication. I found some helpful foods to eat and avoid to help with lowering my thyroid levels. Below is some information that will get me through the process. Hopefully I won’t have to take the thyroid medication for too long if I can keep it under control. I am not familiar with this medication nor did I really want to add another pill to my regimen. But it seems like this is part of the process and for now I am on board until I feel indifferent.

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