Sunday, September 29, 2019

My IVF Journey (The Beginning)

As I move on from IUI to IVF I am thrilled and sad in a way. I had hoped that IUI would be the one where I get pregnant and things would be great even with a low success rate! But unfortunately that changed due to low motility, age being a factor, stress and lack of semen analysis... So IVF is where I begin my journey even though I would have LOVED to try one more treatment of IUI things don’t go how you want.

So with my fears at the door I know that this process will be one where I have to be super strong! I hate needles and I hate the process of IVF but there’s no simpler way for this process to be. The strength that I build will get me through and hopefully I become a wonderful mom!

We are in the beginning stages I will be fully starting monitoring once my period comes 9/30-10/1 so the clock is ticking. Before I start we had to get blood work for any diseases, genetic testing (deep inside our dna), go over cost the $23,000-26,000 (we will use savings, loans and family help) its a crazy and expensive process!

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