Monday, November 23, 2015

Hair: Glam Styles For Date Night

Guest Post: Victoria Howell

Every woman dreams about a romantic date night with her man. While making that date night extra amazing make sure to have your glam hair on point as well. Below are 5 glamorous styles to get you on the right track!
#1 Polished Loop
All you need to create the Polished Loop is a little patience and a couple of pins. The main advantage is that it's all swept back to showcase your face. Part you hair right in the middle and apply small amount of gel or mousse to your hair strands and spread it to the ends. Brush your hair and make a simple ponytail. Wrap your hair around the base and secure with pins. It is done!  
#2 Sexy Volume


 Oh, that wonderful moment, when he runs his fingers through your hair, before kissing…uh. And your sexy voluminous hair will leave him no choice. Put a little bit of smoothing cream to your damp hair and blow dry it with a round brush. Make a couple of waves with the help of curling iron and break them up with your fingers. Crown it all with shine spray.  
#3 Sleek Part

Sleek, center part or side parted hair looks like “I am not trying too hard, but it still looks polished”. Use serum or mousse to your damp hair and blow dry it. Finish the whole image, styling your hair with flatiron to add shine and smoothness.

#4 Wavy Ponytail
If you have an active date, try a wavy ponytail. It looks sporty and romantic at the same time. Mist damp hair with a texturizing spray and part your hair as you like. After that secure your hair into a tight ponytail just below the center of the head. You can wrap one strand of your hair around the base of the ponytail to hide elastic.
#5 Glamorous Waves
If you're going to a big party or the theater, glossy ripples are the perfect way to complement a great dress. To reach such an effect, blow dry your hair with a round brush and create a deep side part. Set your hair in hot rollers and let them cool for ten minutes. Take them off and comb your hair a little bit.
Take these stylish glam hair tips and your date night will pass magnificent!
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