Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tips: Get Your Hair Healthy For The Season


5) Limit Styling Products

The more you put in your hair the more it will weigh it down. The limit should be three key products to help boost your hair. A volumizer or leave-in conditioner should always play a factor.

4) Turn Down The Heat

Keep the blow dryer and flat iron below 300, on a medium setting or limit it to once a week. Use the heating tools at a slow pace so you only have to style each section once.

3) Eat The Right Foods

Maintain the strength and the healthy appearance in your hair with a diet rich in healthy fats. Try almond butter or Swiss chard for healthy hair growth.

2) Daily Leave In

Using a light spray of leave-in conditioner its a great way to keep your hair hydrated and strong. Spritz it on the roots and strands for all around protection.

1) Regular Trimming

Yes this is #1 getting your hair trim on the regular is the best way for your hair to grow and look healthy BUT if you choose not to go so often a great way to hide those split ends is to add curls or waves to your hair. This shows fullness and extra bounce.

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