Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hair: Fall Glam Styles


Sexy Bangs

Bangs will be super haute this fall season, it brings out a flirty and playful vibe. If you are afraid to cut your hair opt for a bang hair extensions, it’s the perfect way to try out the look without the final cut.


No matter how you decide to rock a ponytail this season do add your personal style. Be creative with the look wear it sleek, teased or wavy.

Fall 2012 Updo Trends  Runway Hairstyles (9)runway hairstyles 2012 9


This trend is so popular because it’s very easy to maintain, it’s feminine plus it is considered a high glam look. The style doesn’t have to be perfect just a bit of uniqueness makes the hairstyle stand out!

Effortlessly Chic Hairstyle Ideas for Fall 2011


A chic bun is always classic so do keep this style in mind for the season. It’s all about a tight sleek and fresh look with a bold makeup look.

Donna Karan fall/winter 2012Fall 2012 Updo Trends  Runway Hairstyles (7)


Short Styles

Short hair is in and different short styles are all the rave. Pixie cuts, natural styles, asymmetrical twists are all a popular trend for the fall season. But don’t rush and cut your locks as you know trends are forever changing!

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