Friday, July 8, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review + Giveaway

Sally Hansen


Distressed Denim



Okay so my Sally Hansen Crackle challenge is almost over but this week it’s all about rocking the blue! This crackle is called Distressed Denim and boy is it full of fire.

S1470004To get the nails to make a strong statement I had to go bold and what’s bolder than red, PINK!


S1470005The color combo is a great mix because if I decide to be casual with a pair of skinny jeans the Sally Hansen Crackle gives a great edge. A great way to getting a good crackle is using a very thin coat, over applying the crackle coats doesn’t help achieve a great crackle look.

S1470006Another great tip is if you heart shimmer polishes don’t expect it to work that well with the crackle, sometimes it doesn’t work as well due to the roughness of the base. Stick to solid shades because their more simple and the results will last much longer.

S1470001The color scheme I used for this nail look is Orly’s Fiesta, perfect summer style for a manicure/pedicure.

S1470007This Distressed Denim is another fave of mine, I must admit finding the right base color for this did take sometime time so experiment until it’s fabulous for you.





Distressed Denim


Need that royal blue in your life, well enter this giveaway.

Question: What colors do you rock for a pop look.

Bonus Points: Tweet this giveaway and you will be entered to win a Summer Swag Bag in addition to the Distressed Denim. (Please included giveaway link in your tweet) EX: I would love to win @glitterbuzzinfo #sallyhansen Crackle

Contest ends 7/30 and winners will be only posted on the blog 7/31

Contest is open to all


Aoife Carroll said...

I like to rock hot pink :) I think it really stands out and makes a big statement! I like to wear hot pink accesories with just a LBD and i think it is simple but fashionable and not boring :D

destroydj0503 said...

i like to rock black and hot pink together i love those colors together thank you for this giveaway

cece said...

I Like to rock yellow :) It gives a wonderful statement, its summer-y and fun (not to mention it's my favorite color)

Leslie K. said...

I also love to rock blue. But I think the colors I love to wear that pop are the new neon colors this year. They would look excellent under the blue shatter. Thx for sharing.

Leslie K. said...

Tweeted giveaway & forgot to add my twitter name on last comment.

alexis said...

I like to rock Green :] It is a difficult color to rock but i love it because there are so many different shades...its awesome!

Unknown said...

I rick pink and oranges!


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