Friday, July 8, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

Jewelry Bar

Bib Necklace


I already heart their products, now it’s time for you to become a fan as well.



S1470012The Bib Necklace is a fun flirty style that can be rocked with a simple look and a glam look. The style is for any woman that’s loves to feel fabulous!


S1470016If you want to enhance your look but don’t know how, always add some color to your wardrobe. Accessories are always a great way to get you in the right direction. Look for styles that rock well with your skin tone or turn it up a notch with a bold look to get you notice.

Here is the Bib Necklace in Lilac that’s up for a giveaway, it’s a great shade that will pop with white dresses or gorgeous floral design.

S1470015To see why I heart the Jewelry Bar so much check out their other must have trends.




Special thanks to Anna for making this giveaway possible, your accessories ROCK!!!!!


Unknown said...

My favourite is the Choker Medallion Necklace

destroydj0503 said...

it is so pretty love it

vintageheart said...

I love the "Orange Jade 2 Stone earrings"... very cute for summer :) Thanks for having this giveaway!


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