Tuesday, July 5, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: My July 4th


I spent my July 4th weekend in Long Branch, NJ at Pier Village. I had such a relaxing time at the beach, with my hot pink lounge chair, a good magazine (InStyle), and the palm trees all around me. Even though the younger crowd were all up front I just wanted to enjoy a great deal of peace and people watch.

S1440009The beach was super quite since I made it my business to get there early before the wildness.

 S1440008But after 12pm the craziest come out to play ; )


S1440011Even though I am chowing down on this bacon, egg and cheese sandwich it was so not delicious. I waited 20 minutes for it and boy was I dissapointed, not sure of the cafĂ©’s name but I am not a fan.


S1440014After spending almost 6 hours on the beach, it was time for lunch and some cocktails. My initial look at the beach was a simple white dress, I did a quick change into this because the white definitely was getting dirty from the sand.


S1440017Shades: Long Island Mall ( I don’t spend over $10 on shades) Top: Forever 21,  Necklace: Jewelry Bar, Shoes: Simply Vera Wang, Scarf: H+M, Tote: H+M, Shorts: H+M


S1440012If you’re ever in the area and want some great food and cocktails check for Mc Loones Pier House, I enjoyed their delicious Chicken Taco Salad and a tasty Peachy Beachtini.

S1440007For your shopping needs check out Jenna + Molly, The Bee , Nirvana, Fresh Boutique and the Koi Boutique. The price range is $27+ most of the items are catered for the beach, with a few selections of flowing dresses and maxi styles. Here are few items I picked up from Fresh Boutique.

S1450004Since summer is all about showing off the legs, I figured I should show them off a bit and these were very cute.

S1450005They come in a variety of colors like pink, baby blue, red, navy and white. I wanted white but they were out in my size. These shorts can be glitzy since they have the rhinestone effect.

S1450006Another popular short the high waist look, it’s trendy and to get them in a bold color makes it even better.

S1450007The small details of the gold buttons give you that playful factor.


My late night made a big detour, after getting ready for a fun night out at Avenue, a very upscale lounge in Long Branch. My friends were at the Tiki Bar at Ocean Resort Hotel. So I was super dressed up at a Tiki Bar walking in sand with my high heels, totally not cool. But let me share what I wore because after all that said and done the look was amazing.

S1440019Dress: Bebe,  Shoes: Nine West,  Bangles: Forever 21

S1440020I love this dress, it’s always perfect for a dinner out and a transition into a late night!

Hope you enjoyed my weekend, now it it’s back to work!


destroydj0503 said...

it looks like you had a great 4th of july i wish i was with you there omg it is so pretty love the looks i hope you had a great and safe 4th sweetie

Leslie Kelly said...

What a sexy, great looking black dress. Looks amazing on you. I also love the H&M scarf you had wrapped around you. So cute.


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