Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beauty: New Arrivals

The New Arrivals + Exclusives

Brazilian Peel Clear
Brazilian Peel Clear $60
So anything with the word Brazilian in it is hot these days, so they say. Now the latest buzz is the Brazilian peel which is suppose to help acne and clear blemishes. This two step process is use one weekly peel and the booster moisture pads, after 30 days of usage you should see a reduction in your blemishes, smooth and softer skin.

Masters Class 9 Custom Color Set - Dark ($175 Value)
Masters Class 9 Custom Color Set – Dark $59
I love that smashbox has a variety for a light, medium and dark skin palette. But the other palettes has many great colors that will catch your eye too. This palette focuses more on the browns theme. Below are the other palettes.
Masters Class 9 Custom Color Set - Light ($175 Value)The palette is mostly pinks.

Masters Class 9 Custom Color Set - Medium ($175 Value)This palette has soft brown with a touch of pink and nude.
Buxom Hot Ticket ($54 Value)
Buxom Hot Ticket $29
Bare Escentuals sets are always a must have because the look is always stunning. The set is easy to put in a clutch, handbag and great for a weekend getaway.

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destroydj0503 said...

that Brazilian Peel Clear might help my daughter we have tried everything and nothing is working i will have to check this stuff out and i have never tried smashbox before i will have to check that out for me i hope smashbox is good stuff


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