Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review

Revlon Crème Gloss



S1380004If you remember I did a haul on these a few weeks back and I guess it’s an older Revlon product because I can only find it at 5 and below stores and a few e-bay sites.

It’s a clickable pen that you turn but I didn’t realized that until I opened it I am not a huge fan of that or squeezing either. I prefer to have a brush applicator it’s much easier to apply. After my emotions left from that I applied all the shades on and at the end, I  love this product! Not sure why Revlon discontinued making it but now I am racking up because the colors look amazing.

S1380009Wine Anytime

A  berry pink, great shade for a touch of color.



S1380013Sassy Mauve

This is my favorite it’s a everyday shade that works well with all skin tones.



S1380011Strawberry Tart

It can be for an intense or wow look. I don’t rock red often only for a strong statement look.

S1380006(1)These can be found at 5 and below stores a pack of 3 for $4.99 I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY on them click here to enter.

Here are the shades, Mauve, Strawberry and Wine. If you do find a few on e-bay the prices are super high for one so search around online for a discount.


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destroydj0503 said...

i am loving the Sassy Mauve that won is my fav to out of all of them a very pretty color on you


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