Tuesday, July 5, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Handbags





Imoshion Carnation Canvas Leather Tote $79.99

This tote is very trendy and stylish, it’s a great look for rocking causal jeans and a flirty top. The multi-layered strands makes it a statement look and it’s a fun tote for the season.



Hype Cary Glass Studded Clutch Handbag $104.99

I love mini clutches it’s the best accessory to have for a simple look or a LBD. These are very glitzy and adds that touch to complete a gorgeous night out look.


Beate Pouchette Clutch Handbag $54.99

There’s nothing better than adding a bit of pop in your wardrobe and the best way is through animal prints. This clutch and handbag duo is great for rocking with bold pieces or bringing the drama with a solid black.

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destroydj0503 said...

the black tote is my fav and omg i love the zibra handbag so cute you are so right when you said wow


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