Friday, May 27, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Outfit Of The Day


Well this look was from my Saturday night out 5/21/11 at the Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City. It was the day that some say the world was coming to an end, thank god everything was cool after 6 pm and I was able to have a fabulous dinner and cocktails ( hope you all caught my tweets that night ; )



S1210016 DRESS: Fredericks of Hollywood. I’ve only worn this dress 3x and I love the nude effect. I am not a huge fan of halter dresses but I figured it was time to rock one! I have that bronzer on lock. (Elizabeth Arden)

S1210019CLUTCH: New York + Company I don’t own a nude clutch so I figured I would shimmer it out since it was after 9 pm and the best way to do that is sparkles ladies!

S1210018SHOES: BCBG At first I was going to rock black pumps but that would be too easy so nude was my going with a fresh pop.

S1210017NECKLACE: JC Penny You can’t rock a tube dress or low cut look without something extra on the neckline, so my crystal beads had to work well for some glitz and

S1210012  EARRINGS: CZ Studs Avon I love these earrings they look expensive but I only paid $3.99 and I racked up as well. I wear them all the time because they look so good can’t believe they were so cheap, got to love a bargain!


[hazel] said...

girl, HOLLA! love the outfit! oh what are you wearing on your nails?

Anonymous said...

outfit is super cute

Neon Diamonds by Melissa Burwell said...

Woo hooo check you out!


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