Friday, May 27, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Shoes

From The Car To Your Destination


Some shoes aren’t made for walking just for show and if you can walk in heels over 5 inches (you go girl). These flirty styles give us ladies that extra feeling as long as we rocking them from the car to our destination ; )

Cone-heel platform Sandal $99

We love these over 5 1/2 heels the style is sexy and great for a dress or even a pair of wide leg pants. The wedge controls a good portion of the heels giving you that extra boost of 1 3/4 of fabulous height!

Cut-Out platform sandal $109

These cut-outs are so fabulous all the shades are fun and workable for the season. These are more manageable at only 5 inches with a sassy look to it. The platform is on 1 inch so these can be a sandal to pull off even for just a shopping spree, maybe!

Stretch platform Sandal $69

Love the bold look of these platforms and the stretch straps are so ideal for comfort along the base of the toes. Even though that elastic gives the comfort the heel is  5 1/2 and the platform is 1 1/2. The gold zipper in the back gives it a spicy kick making you want to rock them on many occasions.


Slingback Platform Pumps $60

Sexy, sexy, sexy is all I can say about these late night platform pumps. If you plan on hitting the dance floor with your beau do make sure he has a nice firm grip, these scandalous pumps are over 5 1/2 and the platform is 1 1/2 but this heel causes for an all around HOT look so do bring the heat!

Elastic Strap Wedge $69

These look like the most casual and comfortable wedges and it has that strong chic appeal. The height is still over the top but a great upgraded look on a simple attire. 5 3/4 wedge and a 1 3/4 platform are you ready?

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