Thursday, May 13, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

Summer Must Haves

Having a rocking summer calls for a rocking wardrobe. Having a few trendsetter pieces in your fabulous closet will put your fashion style on the map, so show them how it's done.

Halter Knit Dress $98
This dress comes in black as well but the royal blue is something to talk about. The dress is classy enough to be worn at dinner party and fierce to be the baddest dress for a night out!

Ovail Multi Stone Ring $24

I love this multi look, it works well with a simple white wrap or jersey dress or simple look with your flats.

Chiffon Banded Mini Skirt $79
This flirty mini is one glam piece, it comes in a white and black combo so both styles are fire. I'm thinking if you can splurge get both styles be bold and classic on two different occasions.

Teardrop Beaded Earrings $24
These teardrop earrings can really glam up a look and looks even more sophisticated with a amazing black cocktail dress.

Double Pocket Denim Short $79
A signature denim pair of shorts are a must, rock it all the way with those gorgeous heels when you're out with your beau or a cute flannel with embellished thong sandals.

Beaded Tribal Halter $98
This halter look is great for a BBQ party, dress it up with mini white shorts and a comfortable shoe. The beaded look is enough accessory so just bring that over-sized tote that you love.

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