Thursday, May 13, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Shoes

Rock Them If You Dare

These heels have that extra factor that makes them stand out, do you have what it takes to rock them. We Dare You!

Chines Laundry's Lucky Strike Sandal for $89 strikes it big with multi straps and a stylish appeal. The small strings allows the style to fit perfectly on your feet giving it an edgy look. Keep it trendy with statement leggings or an over the top mini.

ZiGiny Starter Sandal for $199.95 will have your creative style on mainstream like Lady Gaga, if you have what it takes it should be easy. Make sure you leotard is matching with sequins and major lace appeal.

ZiGiny Royal Sandal $169.95
looks royal in this champagne color, if you like the glam there's no stopping how much you can glitter. Bring on the satin looks and ruffle trends because this is all about being fun and girly.

Chinese Laundry Haute Kid Suede Sandal $80.10 gives a peep toe pump a run for it's money. It's a true walking statement accessory and if you can walk in these 4 3/4 inch heels than making it sizzle shouldn't be a problem.

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