Friday, April 2, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Beauty

Delicious Berry Scents
mark. Berry Cranberry

The best bath and body collection for the spring season is mark. Berry Cranberry it smells so delicious.

Shower Wash $6

It goes on well with just a small amount squeezed, the scent will keep you in their longer because you want to just stay and breath in the berry aroma. (or maybe its just me). Also I love this so much I use it as a hand wash for guest because it smells so good and they all love it as well.

Moisture milk $6
Great soft texture and light weight, I keep it in my big tote when I need to liven up a bit.

Scent Mist $12
A spritz or two and let it settle for 5 seconds and the aroma comes alive, the scent last a decent time but a refresher will always make you smell even more desirable.

Body Butter $8

I really enjoy body butters over lotion, the texture is so creamy and smooth. The berry scent isn't so strong in the body butter it's very light but the whipped texture is all the rave.

Check out mark. Lemon Sugar bath and body collection as well.
*Free standard shipping use code MARKFS35

Special thanks to Chelsea C. and Kelly F. at KAPLOW for the samples, this is my fave!

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