Friday, April 2, 2010

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In My Closet

So I was hosting a b-day party last weekend, rush, rush, rush I had 1 hour to get ready and this is what I rocked. My feet were so comfortable because I had those shoe cushions. A great investment at Walmart $6.99 your feet will thank you.

My dress from I think it was $49 it has mini sparkles on it. A simple black dress that fits very well.

My fave glam shoes from Victoria Secret.
I got this as a b-day gift years ago from my niece it was actually from JC Penny, I love the sparkle and it doesn't look like a budget item.

Another gift item from one of those jewelry catalogs, I always rock these because there so fun and I like the movement that they give.

I think this long clutch is from a little boutique store. I had a beautiful one from Bebe but my mom decided to snatch that one and I haven't seen it in years.

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