Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Up Close With Eden Pereira
Dieci Lifestyle Spa Stylist

Eden is a dedicated young stylist at the Dieci Lifestyle Spa since 2006. Eden ’s passion lies in creating beautiful healthy hair for his clients. He believes that every person has the potential to have beautiful hair and his goal is to educate each client on how to attain it. His strength is in achieving and maintaining scalp and hair conditioning. He makes certain that his client’s hair is being well taken care of at home with the right shampoo, conditioner, and products. He loves to work with curly hair, as well as ethnic hair. He also enjoys the challenge of working with fine curly hair to create texture and fullness. Eden is available for scalp treatments, conditioning treatments, haircuts, blowouts and styling of the hair.

In my mini phone chat with stylist Eden Pereira we talked about celebrities that had best hairstyles. Eden says his top two favorites are Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey. "They both can rock styles from curly to straight and still look good".

We both agreed that they both have amazing hair. I wanted to know what celeb needed a transformation, who needed to change their look for the new year. Eden says Jennifer Aniston could use a transformation, he suggest something curly. Do you agree? Not sure if curly would suit her but I definitely would like to see her try something different.

As we continued to chat about celebs and how they achieve that glamorous look Eden reminds me that celebs have the best hairstyles due to the fact they splurge on their stylist. "They look good because they have the money to pay for it". No wonder the average woman splurges at the hair salon because we too want that same effect. To help get that A-list appeal Eden lists his process for getting hood hair.

Great Tips for getting healthy hair

  1. Every week condition hair, deep condition 7-10 days

  2. Always use a moisturizing shampoo

  3. 2-4 weeks hot oil treatments 30 mins
  4. Trim every 6-8 weeks or every other month

  5. When styling use 2-3 products
  6. Massage scalp never scrub

  7. For colored hair and relaxers, start conditioning more often
To get your hair styled or get a free consultation with Eden contact the Dieci Lifestyle Spa in Livingston NJ.

Special thanks to stylist Eden Pereira and The Hip Event!

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