Friday, November 8, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 9)

Exhausted isn’t even the word anymore. These injections are killing me with staying awake! I have never not slept for days. I just need a full 8 hours of sleep because I feel out of it. Even though I am cheerful, walking around with a smile doing activities inside I am TIRED!!

My follicles are really being stubborn and I just want to trigger at this point and move the egg retrieval process along. I have taken my Pink Stork tea but don’t want to over do it and loose a follicle in the process. Nurses say keep drinking plenty of water we’re almost there!! It’s exciting to know but it also makes you very anxious. This is me during one cycle I couldn’t imagine the strength of those who have done this more than 3 cycles! That’s a bad ass woman!
Let’s go follicles!
Stay tuned to Day 10

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