Saturday, November 9, 2019

My IVF Journey (Day 11) 2nd Trigger

Day 11
After a rough night of mixing the trigger shot, I had a second trigger shot at 11 am. I was one step closer to egg retrieval and this was the last injection to get me there.
Of course the vibe was extreme happiness because it was one step closer to ending the cycle. And a moment to feel that I could potentially be a mom.
After the trigger I felt relieved, positive and really proud of the woman I became during the cycle! I felt very empowered and the feeling let me know that I am unstoppable and fearless. No matter how fearful I am I know that I am capable of tackling that fear!

The last Leuprolide shot was easy and smooth and quite rewarding. No one can take a way this special moment. Now on to egg retrieval and boy am I not sure what to expect. But I am all in!
Stay tuned Day 12
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