Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty Buzz: Emmy Beauty Looks UZO ADUBA

MAKEUP ARTIST: Jessica Smalls
INSPIRATION: “The Emmys! Just saying the name gets me excited. I knew this was going to be another great moment for Uzo – one that she’ll never forget, so I decided that her look needed to be classic and timeless.  I wanted her to be the belle of the ball…and she is!”

STEP 1: Using the CARGO Cosmetics Brow Pencil in Dark ($20) brush the brows into place, perfect the shape, and add one coat of clear brow gel to hold them in place.
STEP 2: Next, apply the CARGO_HD Picture Perfect Eye Shadow Primer ($19) to keep shadow from creasing on the lid.  Then, use a damp flat shadow brush and apply CARGO Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Yukon ($16) on top of the lid.
STEP 3: Using a crease shadow brush, blend the shadow out with a medium brown color and add the CARGO Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Columbia ($16) to the outer corners, slightly pulled out to give a more almond shaped eye.
STEP 4: Apply Cargo Cosmetics Swimmable Eye Pencil in Black Sea ($18) to the waterline and top and bottom lashes with two coats of CARGO_HD Picture Perfect Mascara ($22).  Use a clean mascara wand to separate the lashes and apply a few individual false lashes to the outer corners of the eyes.
STEP 5: Prepping the skin is key to a radiant glow. Start by adding a few drops of liquid bronzer into a face moisturizer and massage into skin.  Once skin feels supple, apply a sheer layer of CARGO_HD Picture Perfect Pore Refining Primer ($32) all over the face and using a bronzer brush, buff a semi matte foundation into the skin.
STEP 6: Using your ring finger, apply CARGO Cosmetics One Base Concealer in 045 ($28), a deep peach color, to brighten the under eye area.  Use a concealer brush to buff in CARGO Cosmetics One Base Concealer in 05, a mocha tone, to other areas of the face that need a bit more coverage.
STEP 7: Using a large fluff brush, set the makeup with a dark translucent powder, focusing on the center of the face to control shine in the T-zone area. Continue to highlight under the eyes, down the nose and on top of the cheekbones with CARGO_HD Picture Perfect Pressed Powder in 40 ($32)
STEP 8: Next, apply bronzer all over the face for the perfect glow, layering CARGO Blushes in Laguna and Cannes ($26 each) to give cheeks a warm apricot glow.

STEP 9: Make lips the center of attention! Show them lots of love by mixing raw sugar in lip balm and exfoliating the lips. Once lips are soft and extra smooth, apply CARGO_HD Picture Primer Lip Primer ($19) and slightly fill in with a rich brown lip liner. 
STEP 10: Using a lip brush, apply CARGO Cosmetics Essentials Lip Color in Dubai ($22).  To achieve the perfect nude lip, tone down the lipstick by applying one layer of CARGO Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Tuscany ($16) on top. 

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