Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty Buzz: Emmy Beauty Looks Julia Louis-Dreyfus

HAIR STYLIST: David Gardner
INSPIRATION: “Julia’s dress, a classic silhouette, combined with her amazing cheekbones became the inspiration for her Emmys look,” said David Gardner.  David created a shorter, choppy layered look for the actress to help exaggerate her beautiful bone structure and help achieve a clean, healthy and effortless style perfect for a strong, confident woman like Julia.

STEP 1: Start by shampooing and conditioning hair from mid-length to ends with Oscar Blandi Jasmine Smoothing Shampoo and Jasmine Smoothing Conditioner ($22 each).  For high shine, add a few drops of Oscar Blandi Vivid Clear Shine Glaze ($28) to the conditioner.  Rinse and towel dry hair.
STEP 2: Flip head over and apply a dime size amount of an Oscar Blandi cocktail – a drop of Oscar Blandi Polish Blow Out Crème ($25) and a drop of Oscar Blandi Polish Glossing Crème ($25) – to hair starting at the ends.  Using a wide tooth comb, comb the product through hair. Section hair and lightly blow dry the whole head until almost dry, but still a little 'cold' damp.
STEP 3: Start with a light mist of Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray ($19) on the root area.  Using a medium sized round brush; wrap each section of hair around the brush. Blow on the hair while it is wrapped around the brush – do NOT unwrap and pull, just blow as is.
STEP 4: Unwrap and brush hair and see if dry. Do this until the section is dry and warm/hot. Then, while hair is hot, wrap that section in a Velcro roller and leave to cool. Hair clips may be needed depending on hair length and weight. Repeat for the whole head going straight back to under, lightly misting every section’s root area with volumizing spray. Make sure hair is slightly angled away from the face and straight back on the top. Now is a great time to try on clothes and do makeup.
STEP 5: Once the hair is cold, take all the rollers out and brush through using a Mason Pearson Paddle Brush or wide tooth comb. Let hair settle for five to ten minutes to see how much the weight of the hair will make it fall.  Hair should fall into a high volume, effortlessly straight style, with the ends kicking out in different directions.
STEP 6: Apply a tiny drop more of Oscar Blandi Polish Glossing Crème ($25) to mid-lengths and ends for a piecey look.  Finish off with a few sprays of Oscar Blandi Texture & Volume Spray ($25).
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