Monday, February 10, 2014

Backstage Hair: O + M #NYFW CZAR

CZAR by Cesar Galindo Fall/Winter 2014
Hair by O+M Creative Director Janelle Chaplin 

Overall Look:  A square, rockabilly look with a distorted silhouette 

Hair Inspiration:  Inspired by altered states, the Fall/Winter 2014 CZAR by Cesar Galindo Collection evokes a hazy kaleidoscope of digital graphics and print patterns in a blue, grey, and purple backdrop.  O+M’s Creative Director Janelle Chaplin infused height, texture and color to achieve a sci-fi look that complemented the designer’s vision and inspiration.

How-To Steps: 1. Prep dry hair with a generous amount of O+M Rootalicious Root Lift Spray throughout roots to ends 2. Blow dry with a paddle brush, pulling hair backwards from the hairline 3. At the crown, tease hair in the middle with a fine-tooth comb and then smooth over using a paddle brush 4. Combine a small amount of O+M Style Guru Styling Cream and O+M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum in hands and tightly slick back the sides of the hair to give a “wet look”  5. Section the hair in the back horizontally, securing the lower portion with a single strip of masking tape (must be easy to remove), then brush the top portion of hair over the tape 6. Spray with O+M Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray to finish the look

**Runway Secrets** For the colored hair look that Janelle Chaplin created for the runway: 7. Finish by rubbing Holi powder through the sleeked-back sides for a high-pigment look (Janelle used an electric blue and purple shades for the show)
Tools: Blow Dryer, Paddle Brush, Fine-Tooth Comb  ½ Inch Thick,  Masking Tape 
Products: O+M Rootalicious Root Lift Spray, O+M Style Guru Styling Cream,  O+M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum, O&M Original Queenie Firm  Hold Hairspray, Holi Powder

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