Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trends: Target’s Fall Styles 2012


Target Fall Styles

Target’s style has fashion going in a bold, feminine and very affordable direction that offers a wide selection of trends for every woman. These top six pieces that will debut this month are my favorites, check out  “Why We Love It” below!


Why We Love It

1. Merona Belted Pocket Dress


It’s boldness is an attention seeker, great colors that can enhance the style are gold, browns and blues. Add a colorful necklace to make the style even more dramatic.

2. Merona Trench


The excitement of the design is going to make you want to rock it daily, it’s a gorgeous style that can be worn glam, casual or just cause you want to.

3. Merona Bow Neck Dress


It’s the prettiest shade for adding that pop for the fall season! Make it chic with small pearl earrings, a nude heel and a structure handbag.

5. Missimo Floral Tote


Over-sized is meant to be major so a little floral detail adds to your stylish presence. This is a great addition for those long days or a weekend getaway with just the right necessities packed.

6. Missimo Peplum Dress


It’s a flattering dress to wear at the office and also great for after work outings, add your best black patent leather stilettos and a leather tote bag to complete the look.



Special thanks to Alexandra B. at LaForce-Stevens for the hi-res images ; )

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