Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beauty Review/Tutorial: The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection

Lily cole Pics The real scoop on the Limited Edition from The Body Shop, The Lily Cole Collection. The line is animal cruelty free which is great, and the collection is a limited edition so it’s an exclusive grab for a short period. The review will show inside their shadows, eye liner, blush/lip combo and their fun lip treatments. Check out the video to see if the Lily Cole Collection will be your next beauty purchase.

Review/Tutorial Lily Cole Collection

20 Pinch Me Pink Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome $15 This is my favorite Pinch Me Pink from the collection because it gives dual action for the cheeks and lips so it’s worth spending the $15 dollars. Plus the color is a well balance shade that rocks well with everything, totally a win win!

Lily Cole Liquid Eye Liner - New! Lily Cole Cruelty-Free Makeup Lily Cole Liquid Eye Liner $13.50 A very wet liner that gives a deep intense purple effect on the eyes. Let it dry for a few minutes for best results. I would have loved this in a variety of shades to give many playful looks, great for night time fun wear.

Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes - New! Lily Cole Cruelty-Free MakeupLily Cole Shimmer Cubes $22 The colors are very fab, every women can enjoy and rock these shades very well. It goes on very nicely as well and the shimmer addition isn’t too powerful. The price range is a bit high, $12-$15 would have been great but I realized that it is limited edition and celebrity branded so I get the $22 bucks. But for the budget chicas it can be hefty. I must also point out the packaging quality of these shimmer cubes are done very well. Other brands should take note.

02 Go Wild Lily Cole Hi-Shine Lip Treatment $5 I heart this gloss, it looks good and smells amazing.  At $5 you will using this daily that it will be gone in a week so it should be in a bigger tube or marked down to at least $3. I would love if they made more  shades that smell just as good. Go Wild is my fave ; )


Anonymous said...

Love the purple on your eyes. So cute!!

gorgeousmom92 said...

Very pretty lip color


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