Saturday, May 19, 2012

Events: The Makeup Show Inside Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics Pics

Benefit Cosmetics was the place to be at The Makeup Show in NYC, the reason behind the chatter was their Brow Expert Hilary Foote, was working her magic on perfecting the brow. The last time I had a brow wax was January and they did a terrible job, with the results of a thin brow look. I had decided to let them grow as much as possible even if it meant bushy brows ; ). But for some strange reason that thought began to exit my mind and I was ready to get them looking beautiful again. With a bit of excitement and nervous energy I stepped into the chair and let the brow expert do her magic.  Check out brow expert Hilary Foote giving me a full brow makeover, she also shares some very informative tips on waxing, how to use tweezers and landing the right brow technician. Check out the video below.


Inside The Brow Bar


The right brow is the work of Hilary Foote, it’s looks amazing! A full sexy brow and the shape is what I have been working on getting for awhile.


Here are the two products she used

Brow ZIngs $30 in Dark

brow zings

High Brow Glow $20 in Med-Dark

high brow glow

S2070024Special Thanks to Hilary Foote, you did a wonderful job on my brows, thanks for making me feel more fabulous for the day ; )

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Anonymous said...

I love the way she did your brows.


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