Thursday, May 17, 2012

Events: The Makeup Show Inside Armour Beauty

Armour Beauty Pics

With over 60 brands showing at The Makeup Show in NYC it can be very overwhelming and a bit distracting with beauty products from the front to the back. But one that I did notice was Armour Beauty because their lip glosses where so gorgeous in color that I had to see what the brand was all about. Theo Kogan the woman behind the brand gave me the scoop on her rock star brand, the dish on their two new popular shades and what she wants women to feel when they use Armour Beauty. Check out the video.

The Newest Shades

Lucy: Bright Orange Opaque

Lucy: Bright Orange Opaque $21

(Named after Lucille Ball)

Marilyn: Iridescent Silver Shimmer

Marilyn: Iridescent Silver Shimmer $21

(Named after Marilyn Monroe)

My Favorite

Grace - Shimmer Gloss

Grace - Shimmer Gloss $21

The other great thing about the brand that is very essential is every lip gloss is naturally based, including: shea butter, olive, avocado and mango oils and butters, grapeseed oil and vitamin e. So you look good and also keep those lips moisturized for every season!

(Named after Grace Jones ; )

Special thanks to Theo Kogan for the interview and introducing me to the brand!

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Leslie K. said...

Oooo I love Grace. So pretty.


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