Friday, June 17, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review/Tutorial/Giveaway


Sally Hansen

Crackle in Snow Blast



 S1330004 This is shade #3 from the collection but I am already rocking the fourth shade. 

Check out how the crackle works with a mini tutorial of the Snow Blast.


S1330005  I enjoy only doing a few nails it’s so much easier because it gives a strong pop and it allows others to notice it more.S1330008 The Snow Blast could be stronger if you use a different shade as the base BUT I needed something lighter because of meetings that I attended this week. This crackle was simple and workable for a chic and fresh look. I would recommend getting a fun color like pink, purple or gold it’s summer and those shades are more flirty in my opinion.

S1330011This weeks crackle challenge wasn’t so much of a fave with most chica’s they felt the color looked like white out and they enjoyed the other shades that I used so far from the collection.

 S1330009 To me it depends on what you use as a base coat, you can make something special with just the right color scheme, I will try it again with a dark color and see if it has a different effect.





Snow Blast



If you heart the Snow Blast or are curious to try the Crackle for yourself enter this giveaway.

Contest is open to all it ends 6/30 winners posted only on blog 7/1

BONUS POINTS: Retweet on twitter (max 3x daily) = 15 extra entry points.


Jessica, said...

I'd like to enter into the giveaway, I'm not sure if this is right to comment here, if you could let me know that would be great. (my screenname for youtube and twitter are sjam2012, email is

Jessica, said...

Another entry for twitter post (sjam2012). Thanks for the giveaway hun, I've really been wanting to try out crackle polish, I've been wanting a white polish lately as well lol, so this would be perfect for me. :)

CPD said...

@Jessica this is correct, good luck!

Unknown said...

This is so cute! I love it <3

My twitter is HelenaHeIena

destroydj0503 said...

i would love to try the white crackle i only have it in black and im loving that one thank you for this giveaway twitter name destroydj0503 and yt name destroydj0503

Jel said...

not sure about the rules, but ill just be following those first ones to comment :)

youtube: anjelai
twitter: @jelaiii_x

i really want to try crackling polishes, crossing my fingers on this :D

punkme15 at gmail dot com

Jel said...

tweets for today (3 MAX)

punkme15 at gmail dot com

Jel said...

today's 3 tweets

punkme15 at gmail dot com

Jel said...

today's 3 tweets:

punkme15 at gmail dot com

MyJazzmo said...

We don't have crackle polishes in Belgium yet :( Pretty lame that the stores haven't picked up that trend

Shi (greeneyedbbw25) said...

greeneyedbbw25 on yt
wanting to try the white crackle thanks for hosting


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