Friday, June 24, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Review + Giveaway


Sally Hansen

Crackle in Violet Vintage

S1370010This the fourth shade from the collection and now I am on to the 5th color, super excited about it too!



S1370004The best color scheme that I knew would really work well was gold and I was very happy with the combination.

S1370003The gold was a fun shiny metallic and the Vintage Violet went on very well that I was able to get a good crackle effect.

S1370005My nails were very fun and edgy and just a great look for the start of summer.

The Vintage Violet is my third favorite color so far, it just looked so perfect especially with a bronzed or a pink look.

S1370006This was another hit with the ladies because they felt that it made a great pop statement and was very noticeable, they also thought it was better to apply the crackle on a few nails instead of having it on all. I guess I will continue to do this fun trend.





Vintage Violet


S1370002Loving this purple shade for the warm weather enter the giveaway and rock it!

Question: What’s your favorite shade for the summer?

Bonus Points: Retweet on twitter (3x daily max) for 15 extra entries a day!

Contest open to all, please include your twitter/YT handle with comments.

Contest ends 7/15 and winners will be posted on the blog 7/16.

Comment as much as you like!


vintageheart said...

My favorite summer nail polish shade is "Mod About You" by OPI. (It's an old favorite, but it's a great color for any season). Thanks for having this giveaway! :)

My YouTube: vintage0heart

destroydj0503 said...

my fav color is hot pink it from hot topic i mean really hot pink love that color

Leslie K said...

My favorite color for the summer is bright yellow. It just makes me feel happy & makes me look tanner.

Unknown said...

I really like pinks and reds! Also oranges. hehe i love these colours

vintageheart said...

*Bonus entries*: I just retweeted this on Twitter
My YouTube: vintage0heart
My Twitter: Huegley


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