Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Events: Precious Delectibles at Shecky's

S1400054If you have a sweet tooth and adore delicious desserts you must keep Precious Delectibles on your radar. Based in Queens, NY owner Serena Webster-OgaldezS1400052 has captured the hearts of clients with her famous red velvet cupcakes. In business for three years strong, her passion and commitment to excellence, has made Precious Delectibles a must have for  weddings, showers, engagement parties, sweet 16’s, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.


S1400053The Orange Crème Cupcake

S1400058The Cookies + Cream Cupcake

S1400057The Red Velvet Cupcake

Owner Serena Webster-Ogaldez gives us the scoop on Precious Delectibles

Serena Webster-Ogaldez Creator behind Precious Delectibles

Taste Test: Orange Crème + Cookies and Crème

S1400062Tanya: I thought the cupcake was very good and moist. It had a nice presentation and I would definitely recommend it to others.
S1400064I loved the chocolate cookies and crème cupcake! It was delicious after you eat one you definitely want to have another. It’ melts in your mouth.
If you looking for a Bakery that will melt your taste buds do check out Precious Delectibles and  check out their menu for your next event.

Special thanks to Serena Webster-Ogaldez for giving me a interview on your brand, I LOVE your cupcakes! Keep doing it!

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