Monday, April 4, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Shoes










These jellies are clear sparkly and pretty for a casual look and a easy slip-on from high heels.







These two-tone white and bone sandals are a great mix for those white summer time styles.






Love a bit of color but not that much add this taupe in your collection with just a added pop of orange. You can always find a simple beaded bracelet or brooch to make it correspond.


Add these fun embellished flats to a long sun dress or maxi dress, dress it up with similar style earrings for a pow.




These flats are cute for your dresses and also your basic denim, the feather look is super stylish so do rock a white tote bag!



Need advice on finding the right heel for prom or an upcoming wedding? Send us a question at and it could be featured in our Sunday’s Questions From Our Readers edition. Plus entered in our beauty giveaway for best question!

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