Monday, September 12, 2011

NYFW: Venexiana and Napoleon Perdis

Venexiana/Napoleon Perdis Fashion Show

I was asked to cover the Venexiana Fashion Show from backstage by Chastity of GlitterBuzzStyle. It was my first time going to a fashion show and being backstage. I was extremely excited and nervous at the same time!

I also encounter a problem trying to get in. The ladies at the desk were not able to find me on their Press List but eventually they did. It was such a relief. I was scared that I had to leave without seeing anything.

Upon entering the makeup tent, I saw Napoleon Perdis, Founder of Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics applying makeup on a model. I had met makeup artists before but it was my first time seeing a famous makeup artist in action. Everything was done immediately on command. "This model's lips are not done. It's not bold enough. Apply more Devine Goddess Aphrodite." said Naoleopeon, and it was done, just like that.

It was extremely busy. There were Napoleon Perdis Cosmetic makeup artists and Philip Pelusi hair stylists working on models after models. I was very impress by the speed and accuracy of their work.

There were also television press interviewing him. Lucky, I was also able to ask him a few questions in between his models.

Trend-wise, he said, "Lashes, lashes, lashes! Smokey eyes and dark dense bolder lip color." When ask what was his inspirations for this makeup look, he said, "Kati Stern, the designer and luscious Europeans inspired him." His favorite product of all is Auto-Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer.

Below is the list of products he used to create the look:

- Napoleon Complex Skin Renewal Serum
- Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer (HIS Favorite!)
- Bondoir Mist Spray Foundation
- Camera Finish

- Cheek To Chic Blush Duo - #6

- Peep Show - Mascara Fantasia
- Eye Will Survive Eye Primer
- Precision Brow Pencil
- China Doll Eyeliner Equinox
- Ultimate Contour Palette

- Lip Pencil Hot Mocha/Haute Pink
- Devine Goddess Aphrodite/Calypso
- Luminous Lip Veil Angelic Psychedelic

I think my favorite product used on the models will be the China Doll Eyeliner Equinox. I love all fine line detail products. It looks dark and precise on the models. I can't wait to get it for myself!

Kati Stern, the Fashion Designer of Venexiana came in to check the progress of the models many times during the night. She is a petite woman but with a big heart for fashion. I love many of her designs for the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

Many people attended the Venexiana Fashion Show. Everyone was dressed up beautifully for the night. The whole place was filled up to the rim with people. Everyone can't wait to see 2011 Fall/Winter Collection.

Credit to Fashionising

Credit to Reuters

I loved the Venexiana Fall Collection. It's not your everyday-wear, so feast your eyes on these glamorous dresses and gowns while you can. The entire collection is breathtaking and exquisite. These dresses are definitely statement-makers. I love the purple and gray plaid dresses in this collection the most for it's texture and sophisticated appeal. All the dresses in Kati Stern's collection have a nice flow and draped beautifully on the models. Perfect collection. Perfect evening at NYFW!

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