Friday, February 11, 2011

GlitterBuzzStyle: Giveaway

How to Enter:

This contest is open to U.S + International residents if under 18 get parental permission.

Question: Who is your favorite designer?

Just leave a comment below with your email or Youtube/Twitter username.

Extra Bonus Entries:


  1. Follow @glitterbuzzinfo on Twitter and RT (2x daily max 10 entries)
  2. Do a video response to this video on Youtube (25 entries)
  3. Send us a photo of you in your fave designer outfit; dress, shirt, shoes, accessories etc… The 2 best photos will get 2 free beauty products + the new Trident Vitality Gum. ( All photos will be uploaded on the GlitterBuzzStyle blog) (25 entries)
  4. What is Park Chix? (30 entries) The first person who answers this first will get these extra entries

Contest ends February 28th Winners will be posted only on the blog March 1st.


destroydj0503 said...

im sorry i really do not have a fav i just like stuff that are just me but i do like new york jeans they just fit great much love to ya girl

wilddreamer said...

My fave designer is the maker of Seven jeans :) youtube=randumbtxter


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