Monday, June 21, 2010

Fashion: Business Party Glam

Business Party Glam
4 looks that say you're a woman about her business and your glam qualities are as well.

Classiques Entier® 'Ravishing' Dress

Let your curves show in this black and green design. A high platform pump proves that your super confident and are always on top of your game, with white wine in hand!

Adrianna Papell Sequin Mesh Sheath Dress
If you rock the basic white blouse and pencil skirt theme pull out this sexy number for a revealing twist. Let them know that it's not all work and no play.

Donna Morgan Pleated Stretch Satin Sheath Dress

Show your feminine outburst in this fun dress, if you're a social chica this dress will add to your bubbly personality.

Theory 'Taliana' Georgette Dress

If you are the office hottie you can't let them down, work a cute mini that still gives them a stare but an attitude that proves your smart as well.

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