Friday, May 14, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Trends

Carlos Falchi and mark. Rio collection.
This summer mark. has fun summer trends with a Brazilian kick that's full of color, exotic elements and flirty designs. Carlos Falchi gives us ladies what we crave and the prices are affordable for every fashionista.

Rio embodies color, vibrancy and spirit, all of which are reflected in this collection,” Carlos says.

mark Golden Sandals $26
Everyone needs a stylish flat sandal that they can rock and look fabulous in and these are a huge favorite of mine. It's super comfortable, looks great with stylish leggings, pretty casual dresses and the gold metallic shine gives it that extra chic feel.

mark Brazilian Beach Bikini Top $22
mark Brazilian Beach Bikini Bottom $22

Okay, let me start off by saying there was no way I was taking a picture of me in this suit and not because it didn't look amazing on me but you know some things just can't be expose ...unless you have an amazing photographer who will make you look like a cover girl. I will say that the colors were at first something I was concern about because it looked pretty wild but it looked amazing on with my complexion and it fitted very well.
The mix of colors actually gives you many options to play up colorful totes and funky jewelery so being creative is always a fun factor.

The other great thing about this suit is that you will definitely stand out at the beach in this. Most of us buy our signature suits from the same place and we see our suit repeated on the beach and that can be a bummer. So why not start the trend and be the leader you know the others will follow.

mark Instant Vacation RioBikini Fragrance Mist $18

This scent is very light and smells very good because it has pitaya fruit, juicy kiwi, coconut milk and exotic flowers plus the sandalwood isn't too strong it's a nice balance. Great for a weekend getaway or a long vacation, you may finish it quickly because the scent can be addicting.

Carlos Falchi An award-winning handbag and accessories designer – and Brazilian native – , check out more of this collection at

Special thanks to Chelsea C. and Kelly F. at KAPLOW PR for sending these fun summer products!

1 comment:

kmhunt.aua said...

Hiii, have a question.....
Does the bikini have a lot of spandex as most of the other bikinis?
I have one that says 18% spandex.
I read this one & it has only 8% spandex.

Dunno if I should get a L or M on top depending on how stretchable it is.


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