Friday, May 14, 2010

GlitterBuzzStyle Nails

Weekend Nails
nailwear pro
Color: Cotton Candy $3.49

A simple but elegant color that's perfect for the weekend! The color is a soft but girly pink that rock's during the day and the glam nights.

Applying 2-3 coats are best if you want to get a fuller pink look if not 2 coats work as well. Be prepared for many compliments many women loved this color they thought it looked very feminine.

I didn't have to touch up much with this polish, just remember give yourself plenty of time to dry so you won't have to red0. And the best things about this polish is it comes in many colors, it's super affordable which is a must and it's on sale for $3.49.
Fun colors you should also try are Viva Pink, Tangastic and Rave.
Special thanks to Lauren F. at Attention for the samples!

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