Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Hot Woven Styles

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In this Pewter snake fabric and back closure feature rock your favorite fitted white pants. Put on a nice flowy blouse with in a style like: ruffles, polka dots or sheer. Hair: a cute sleek bun would look nice or the messy bun look would work as well. Makeup: Sheer or metallic shimmer on the eyes would really make the look. Add soft nude or soft rose on the lips. Accessories: A minimum balance is key your trying to keep it simple and fresh, a nice tote with a design on the front would give it that kick!

Sam Edelman
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Style Yourself

In this 4" wedge heel, 1" platform you want to look comfortable and trendy, get your best loose fitted jeans or linen pant, and a simple basic scoop neck top in white. Hair: a wavy look with just a few tight curls in the front. Makeup: A polish look of flawless features like gold, pearl and frost are beautiful and a gorgeous bronze or cocoa for the lip. Accessories: a woven average size handbag, the color can be lighter than the shoe, a pretty beaded thin long necklace in brown/gold theme. Tie it in a knot loosely to resemble a man's tie and let it hang. Or you can find a cute satin leopard scarf and wear it loosely around the neck. Also add a a simple chain belt within the gold/brown theme, make sure it's hanging in a loose but classic way.

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Style Yourself
In this 4" wooden heel, 1 1/4" platform a gorgeous black flowing ruffle dress is a great look. Hair: parted on the side with a mix of a flip and a lot of bounce gives a great compliment with the ruffle dress. Makeup: a gorgeous dark look around the eyes are steamy but do play it safe with a mixture of colors like lavender, frost white or even bronze. Accessories: chandelier earrings or anything dropping down but make sure it has some kind of glitz on it match this up with a glitzy clutch as well.

Cynthia Vincent
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Style Yourself
This sandal calls for a casual look whether it's a jersey dress, jeans, shorts or a maxi dress remember the look is casual. Hair: Even though your look is casual your hair shouldn't be, play it safe naturally down parted in the middle add a sleek finish by bobby pining one side of your hair and then the other side. Make sure the back is nicely flat ironed for a straight look. Makeup: play up your makeup features as well add a simple eye shadow color but add the fun on your cheeks and lips. Accessories: all you need is a gorgeous ring that matches these shoes and a cream or off white tote bag possibly with a bamboo handle and your set.

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