Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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L.A Girl

I'm loving L.A Girl's LipLiner and LipGloss duo, they blend a dark color with a softer color and the mix together creates the perfect lip color. Also their H2o mascara really works, something you must have for those beach days.

L.A Girl Waterproof Mascara in Black $5.00
This comes in shades of Black/Brown, Navy and Brown

This mascara is definitely waterproof, it stays put so you don't have to worry about the smudge.

L.A Girl 2GETHER LipLiner/LipGloss Color: Auburn Mist $3.50

The duo effect is very trendy when it comes to achieving fabulous lips. The lipliner is a dark cherry color and the gloss is a satin pink shade. The two tone colors really compliment a nice blend. These duos come in 16 shades so choosing the right color my take some complications.

L.A Girl 2GETHER LipLiner/LipGloss Color: Mauve Effect $3.50

The Lipliner for this duo is very dark I would say black cherry, the lipgloss is a soft rose color very pretty. The gloss is a moisturizer so your lips can achieve healthy status while they look good.

Special thanks to Sarah B. at L.A Girl for sending us the samples, really enjoyed the 2GETHER duos!

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