Friday, August 14, 2009

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Marriage or Single Motherhood

Well the word is out Kourtney is going to be a mom and her ex Scott is the father. Many are surprise I'm not. I feel like even though many dislike Scott and they have good reasons, Kourtney feels something for him and when a woman does no one can step on her toes. If she realizes it years from now than do it then but let her be happy in her moment.

Back in the day the focus on marriage was such a priority in a woman's household especially if you were pregnant. Marriage was soon forced and both parties either stayed together because of the children, religion, they way they were brought up or because the fear of being alone was too over the top. Today we have went around that era and made decisions based on the truth of our reality.

Marriage is less on a person's focus point with the high rise of divorces, pressures, economy and a person's growth. Women have really taken it to another level by having kids and not even thinking about a husband. Some of us roll our eyes on this situation while others say it's their business.

Marriage to me is an amazing thing in a women's life but the obstacles that you face just like in any other relationship are always the same. I'm not dying to walk down that aisle and search for prince charming. I feel like if your thoughts are only on getting the best designer dress, having that flawless rock (bling, bling) having Princess Diana's style wedding and all the other dreams and fantasy that we imagine since preschool it's something to reevaluate.

There's nothing wrong with the thought of how you want it to be and your perfect day that's the easy part. The important message that every woman should learn is how to be the best wife, mother and be the rock for you, him and your family. If you keep that as the main reason for marriage it's worth saying I do.

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