Friday, August 14, 2009

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The Latest Hot Celebrity Couples

Derek Jeter the first guy that made me love the Yankees and baseball is getting it from Minka Kelly.

The two are letting the sparks fly and the chemistry is in the air. Minka is fitting in well with the wives and girlfriends atmosphere of the other players but one new chick she doesn't seem to dig-Kate Hudson. Not sure why her guard is up maybe she knows something (wink)!

Renee Zellweger was seen kissing the gorgeous Bradley Cooper. Bradley is hot on the scene and fans are going crazy for this hook up but deep down I hoped him and Jennifer Aniston would have worked.

Kate Hudson and Yankee's hottest player A-Rod is doing it extra big. Since his divorce it's seems that A-Rod has been on the low on the dating scene. Yes, there was the hype of his encounter with Madonna, but did anyone really believe in that? Who would have thought Kate Hudson would land in his arms. I love Kate Hudson but I would never have thought he would be into her, I mean doesn't he seem like he would be interested in a seductive woman like Sophia Vergera and don't we always picture Kate with Matthew McConaughey? Oh well, the word is that Kate wants to have another baby so her son can have a little brother or sister. Not sure if A-Rod is the man for that serious bond.

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