Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Rihanna sang her new hit Take a Bow, she has improved on her singing you can hear it in some of her notes. She didn't do anything special but her outfit was once again hot so that was enough for me.

Keyshia Cole performance was a bit shaky but she pulled through. She looked beautiful singing her hit Heaven Sent. The crowd was even more excited when she mixed in her song Let It Go and than Lil Kim came out. Wow! I was shocked to see how different Lil Kim looked she put on some weight in all the right places but she looked different to me. And I like black hair on Kim the blonde isn't working!

I thought Beyonce and Usher were set to performed with Usher but it never happened!!
Usher did his thing it was good to see him back on the stage and do what he does. He did an amazing job and I was impressed that he still had it. The performance was great full of excitement.

Ne-yo to me did an amazing job last night. He was on top of his game all the way. It wasn't the same routine that I was expecting, he put on a show and I was surprise when I saw the crowd standing up at the end. He did a classic performance that was better than the pros!

Chris Brown what can I say as soon as Ciara came out the performance was HOT! Ciara and Chris did their thing lastnight. As cameras kept switching to Rihanna face to get a reaction but she was all smiles. Ciara was grinding all over Chris and let's just say I was getting pissed for Rihanna just a little bit! Ciara proved that she is a dancer and hyped up Chris's performance even more because at first it was a bit dull.

Alicia Keyes brought it back to the old days with the Hottest Girl groups on stage with her singing their hits as well. I was surprised that SWV, EnVogue and TLC were in the building. It was exciting to hear them sing together and better yet be on stage with superstar Alicia. I wonder if these groups will be making a comeback?

To watch the performers check it out at the link below!

Source: BET

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the awards this year. It was different from the rest. Ne-yo was my favorite performance.


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