Monday, June 2, 2008

GlitterBuzzStyle Entertainment

I must say this movie is so amazing, funny, fabulous and meant to see more than once. I enjoyed getting an early show and mingling with women who were so excited just like me. What a great bonding experience for women to have.

The movie was worth the wait and effort. It was perfect and it was direct. A few tears, laughs, nods, and appreciation was what I received. I'm so ready for pt.2 but really don't think it should happen for at least 5 yrs.

Carrie( me) was able to get what she wanted all these years!

Samantha ( a dash of me) became the woman we all missed

Charlotte had her prayers answered for real this time

Miranda realized what love and happiness is.

The clothes were so fabulous even better than what we usually see. It was a must have in every clip. Why can't I have that enormous closet that Big made for her! Oh that was a closet that I would even sleep in!

I'm taking my boyfriend to see it, I just can't get enough. And I want to say to the three men who were in the movies with their wives yesterday. You guys rock!


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