Friday, February 8, 2013

Hair: NYFW Backstage w/ Lead Stylist David Cruz at Lauren Moffatt Fall 2013

The backstage scene for Lauren Moffatt’s Fall 2013 Presentation was ruled by Lead Hair Stylist David Cruz who was all about focusing on giving the models lavishing hair. The volume and bouncy flow was captured with key products from Redken and Cutler and the results were beyond amazing proving that David not only has skills but his passion shows in his work ethic.
 fashion work 12 versatile working spray Fashion work 12 versatile working spray
full frame 07 protective volumizing mousse Full frame 07 protective volumizing mousse
 Cutler Shine Tattoo
David also dished on our over use on the Kim Kardashian hair trends, shared his thoughts on woman embracing our originality and for woman to not be afraid to try something new. His tips were very right on because at times we all do copycat the same trends when in fact we can creative our own iconic statements. Check out the video interview and David Cruz at his best in the video below.



Special thanks again to Blair C. at  Beauty Fashion Sales for the invite and much thanks to David Cruz. It was a pleasure meeting you, your skills ROCK! Keep making women look beautiful!

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Unknown said...

I would love to know what shampoo and conditioner I should use to get that super glossy look the ladies have on the hair commercials =D


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