Monday, February 11, 2013

Beauty: NYFW Backstage w/ DeVita Natural Skin Care


Photos by: Jon Porcasi/ADinfinitum

Vegan Fashion House Vaute Couture by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart Fall 2013 presentation backstage beauty look was done by Makeup Artist Rebecca Casciano, using DeVita Natural Skin Care, an all-natural, 100% paraben free and vegan skin care line.

“We are thrilled to not only be involved with fashion week for the first time, but to get to share this experience with such talented people who share our values and desire for natural, pure and vegan/veg ingredients and materials,” explains Cherlyanne DeVita, Ph.D., President and CEO of DeVita Natural Skin Care. “We look forward to showing people that being vegan/veg can be fashionable and also wearable, from the everyday look to the runway and everywhere in between.”

Hair was styled by Salon Champu, a Manhattan-based vegan hair salon that uses vegan hair products.

The beauty look portrayed a natural feminine vibe that can be for a everyday look. To get this beauty look for your next night out check out the the scoop on the products used below.


Photos by: Jon Porcasi/ADinfinitum


absolute LIPS | Pink Diamonds $19.16   absolutely Blushed | Tender Blush $10.95

mls02absolute Blush Tender Rose

absolute EYES | Chocolate & Vanilla (Madagascar,Tahitian) $36.95    absolute EYES | Metro Neutrals (Neon, Deco, Pinque, Metallicity) $36.95

absolute EYES Chocolate & Vanillaabsolute EYES Metro Neutralsabsolute EYES

absolute LENGTHS | absolute Black $23.95    Prime Corrective | Clear $22.36

absolute LengthsPerfecting Time Moisturizer


Photos by: Jon Porcasi/ADinfinitum


Special thanks to Lauren V. at AD infinitum for the beauty rundown.


nena said...

These products look great. I think we are all looking to go with more natural products, while still maintaining that glamour factor. I love that they are 100% paraben free, this is something I have been looking for when shopping for skincare and cosmetics. It just seems natural to put natural products on your face and body. Great post!

Unknown said...

Sounds fabulous ! However, there have been natural products that have caused me to break out.


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